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Factors to Consider Before Finalising or Renewing your Current Domain Name

How do you exactly create a good domain name?

A good name isn’t enough to secure a successful business – but it starts there. Heck, who would have thought that one of the most successful e-commerce giants will be named after a woodcutter who discovers the secret of a thieves’ den? Open Sesame, anyone?

Yup. It’s Alibaba from the Ali Baba story.

Domain names like these now seem like good names for a business not because it’s great, but because the companies who used it have become successful. Therefore, don’t get too hung up on emulating or adapting the names of big businesses – go with the name that’s close to your heart and get a second opinion from people – what you need are the basics we will discuss here, and you’re set.

Make branding a priority. The business name you choose will be a key part of everything you’ll do from opening a physical shop, to launching a website, or creating publicity material as well as handing out business cards. Because of this, it will help to keep your business name short and easy to abbreviate.

Check trademarks. If you decide to use a phrase that’s trademarked by another entity, you might need to change your business’s name when you launch. Doing so will be very expensive since you might already have produced a large amount of branded material.

Be careful with trends. Have you noticed that a while back, companies chose to have names ending in “ifiy”. Only Spotify managed to become anything approaching a household name. With that said, a naming trend can make it harder for your business to be unique stand out from the crowd.

Easy to understand. One should be able to easily type in your domain name after hearing it for the first time. This means that your domain name should be easy to spell, say, and type. Obviously, never replace numbers with letters (e.g.N!c3 for nice) or use of other tricks.

Make it brandable. Just a couple of years ago the recommendation is to include keywords in the domain name. Currently, it’s better practice to name it something that can be used to turn into a brand.

Now that you have an idea of the fundamentals behind choosing a good domain name, the next step is to find a good provider to host your domain. As you know, not every hosting provider is equal as some offers better set of services than the other. The rule of the thumb is to check the track record of the company as well as the number of positive reviews that are received from paying customers.

End Note

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that your business name is still available to register as a domain name. You can know for certain if the name is available through a domain check by websites like Crazy Domains, where you can also instantly purchase the name and secure hosting services.

That’s it! Let’s hope your next website’s domain name will be the next big thing on the internet. When in doubt, you should be able to communicate with your chosen hosting service provider regarding any concerns or clarifications. Best of luck!


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