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Party Preparation: Looking Your Best

If there’s one great certainty of the calendar it’s the Office Christmas Party. It might be a huge, expensive affair, or simply a table reserved in the local pub, or even karaoke in the office itself. It’s a chance to relax after a year of hard work and stress, and to spend some quality time with people who normally exist only as emails.

Of course, for an event like this you’re going to want to feel at your most confident. It can be nerve wracking to make casual small talk with senior members of staff, or indeed to enjoy a party while not focussing on a long running disagreement or ongoing work issue. You need to feel like you look your best, and that means preparing properly.

Today we’re looking at the steps you can take to prepare for the party and make sure your skin has a healthy glow and you’re able to face the crowds and feel ready for it!


The winter is a difficult season for the skin: freezing rain and cold winds are stressors that test it’s ability to protect you from the elements, and central heating sucks the moisture out of rooms leaving your skin dry.

This makes it more prone to wrinkles, to irritating and redness, and to outbreaks of acne: you’re fighting a battle against the season itself, and your skin shows its progress very visibly. The one thing you can do that will always help is to help your skin moisturise and to retain that moisture. You can find some great moisturing night creams to use at home, and hand creams to apply throughout the day, but the run up to the office party may need more serious measures.

Looking for a spa or aesthetician in the heart of the city means you can fit some necessary treatments into your working day: finding the Skinsmiths Skin Health Spa Liverpool Street means you can reach it in the course of a lunchbreak for some expertly applied facemasks or even carefully focussed laser treatments to stimulate collagen production and leave your skin looking full and healthy!

Laser Light

The concentration of social events during this season makes it a good time to invest in some more dramatic treatments! If you’ve always intended to deal with some body hair in the wrong place, or skin discolouration, hyperpigmentation or the like, now is the time to do it, and have plenty of places to show off your sleek new look!

Laser treatments can break down pigment under the skin to remove spots of stubborn discolouration or discourage follicles from sprouting in time for Christmas, so make an appointment at your local skin clinic to see just what they can do for you.


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