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Best Tips for Safest Solo Travelling To Kashmir!

Kashmir is one of the most astonishing tourist destinations located in the midst of the Himalayas. The natural beauty of Kashmir makes it a Paradise on Earth. Kashmir tourism provides a great experience for nature and adventure lovers to spend their holidays in a unique way. Take a look at this article to know the best tips for the safest solo trip to Kashmir.

Is Kashmir Safe To Travel?

The most common question that arises among travelers is whether Kashmir is safe or not. This is because Kashmir is prone to violence and serious incidents. Yes! But you can travel to Kashmir safely. After many crucial attacks, the police enforced security for the safety of tourists so that you can travel to Kashmir without any mishaps.

Safety Measures

Few people prefer to go for a solo trip to this tourist destination so that they can explore famous places during their journey. In addition to this, they can learn more and have a better experience on a solo trip.

Are you planning on a solo trip? No worries! Stay informed about the present situation of Kashmir and book your tickets accordingly. Make the arrangements with the help of friends or colleagues to stay in Kashmir if possible.

Get Tips From Previous Visitors

You can ask for a recommendation from your friends or relatives who have visited Kashmir before. This will let you know about their experience in Kashmir so that you can plan in a better way.

Tourist Expert Advice

Generally, every state has its own tourism department with professionals. Try to contact the experts and clear your queries regarding your trip. They provide the best advice and support so that you have a safe trip. But you are mainly responsible for protecting yourself from a difficult situation.

Collect Information

Before traveling to Kashmir, gather information regarding the different types of accommodation options and places that you want to visit. This greatly helps you in making plans for your solo trip to Kashmir. People of Kashmir are very kind to the tourists, so you can get their support to travel through Kashmir.

Avail Tour Packages

Nowadays, there is a plethora of tour packages available for various destinations. So, it is better to purchase the Kashmir tour package best suited for you so that you can have an amazing yet safe solo trip. They will make the necessary arrangement for you till the last day of your trip. This’ll enable you to explore the beautiful attractions of Kashmir in a perfect way.

These are the best tips to have the safest solo trip to Kashmir, India. Adopt these tips while planning for your solo trip to Kashmir and have a safe journey!


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