Beating The Holiday Blues: A Seasonal Survival Guide

They say the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but November and December can be tough for a lot of people. You might dread spending time with your family members or feel financially insecure about taking time off for the holidays. You might struggle to stay active or motivated when the sun goes down before you’re even out of work. You might love Christmas, but hate the feeling when it’s over. Whatever it may be, here are five ways you can beat the holiday blues and survive the winter season.

Go to Therapy

No matter the time of year, CBT therapy can make a huge difference for you. Going to therapy will help you handle emotionally stressful or difficult times in your life, which for a lot of people occur during the holiday season. You can gain tools for talking with your family members at Thanksgiving dinner or tips on how to handle the end-of-year stress at work. Therapy is individualized and your therapist will equip you with the tools you need to be successful as the year ends. Starting therapy now will be a huge help as you near this difficult period.

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Throw a Party

Hate to see the holidays end? Throw a huge party! For some people, winter causes a huge lack of motivation. If you have something fun to plan, you’ll be more active and thus happier. You’ll love throwing a bash for your friends, and you can even through it after the holidays to keep the good times going! Stock up on adorable Christmas favors and have your friends and family over for an amazing time, no matter the holiday.

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Stock Up on Vitamins and a Salt Lamp

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you have to work even harder to fight the holiday or winter blues. Do everything you can to give your energy and mood a boost. Start taking vitamin D to support your bone and overall health. Invest in a few salt lamps for your home or workspace. Salt lamps are made up of Himalayan salt and light bulbs. The lamp’s light is a soothing orange and they increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, boost your mood, and provide energy. This can make a huge difference for someone experiencing SAD.

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Take Time for Yourself

Sometimes the best thing to do during the holiday season is just take time for yourself. You’re probably overbooked with events, going to the parties of family members and friends. While celebrating can be joyful, you can still become overwhelmed and drained. Give yourself the gift of a little alone time. Try to space out your engagements and take some time alone to relax. Your body and mind will appreciate the break.

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Grab a Workout Buddy

Finding the energy to work out is hard enough when it’s warm! During the winter, give yourself extra motivation by working out with a friend. You and your workout buddy can rely on each other for the strength to get to the gym each day, even when neither of you wants to. Just knowing that someone else is counting on you to follow through will give you the push you need to get out the door. Working out is very important during the holiday season since we tend to become more sedentary during the colder months. Don’t let yourself slack off this winter.

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The holidays are a wonderful and overwhelming time. No matter how you feel about the season, remember to put your health and happiness first.

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