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5 Easy-to-Start Beauty & Self-Care Business Ideas For 2020

5 Easy-to-Start Beauty & Self-Care Business Ideas For 2020

Ah, the spirit of entrepreneurship is in the air! Beauty and self-care businesses are thriving in the current economy. It makes sense — everyone wants to feel better and look better, and those two factors relate directly to each other. Now is a great time to start your own business in these respective fields. Here are five ideas you can lean on to start your beauty and self-care business:

1. CBD Gummies

The CBD industry is booming. Although more studies need to be conducted, many testify that CBD has been beneficial for the brain, stomach, and overall health, CBD (cannabidiol, a chemical in the Cannabis sativa plant) is also believed to be good for your skin, with many folks regularly incorporating it into their daily skincare regimen. CBD skincare offers several benefits, including treating eczema, managing acne, and providing moisturizing smoothness. Although CBD is an element of the Cannabis plant, it does not get you high.

5 Easy-to-Start Beauty & Self-Care Business Ideas For 2020

If you have a legitimate interest in breaking into the CBD industry, starting a business that features CBD gummies is an excellent place to start. You’ll have to find a credible CBD gummy manufacturer to work with, and we know the perfect company to turn to: Superior Supplements. Superior Supplements is a CBD manufacturer that understands and implements the highest standards for CBD products. Superior Supplements provides the best CBD gummies and gummy products that embody the essence of your company’s brand and morals. This gummy manufacturer is a great place to start your CBD business.

2. Lashes

While being affordable, accessible, and adorable, eyelash extensions have become an essential product to include in makeup routines. Natural lashes, even coated with mascara, stand no chance against false eyelashes that bring out the beautiful shape of your eyes. Fake eyelashes are wildly popular for how they enhance real lashes.

The market for false eyelashes is continuing to grow as major makeup brands and small businesses invest in providing the highest quality of lashes. An excellent lash business to take note of is Glamnetic, a beauty company that sells eyelash kits and accessories online. Not only are they selling the cutest individual lashes, but they’re also giving out incredible tutorials! Applying lashes may be a little tricky at first, but with a lash strip, a little glue, tweezers), and a bit of patience, you’ll achieve a gorgeous, naturally dramatic look that lash extensions provide. Visit Glamnetic to learn more about false eyelashes.

3. Fitness Training

If you have a legitimate interest in working out, becoming a fitness trainer may be right up your alley. People are always looking for good reasons to work out: body goals, personal care, better health, and a variety of other reasons. However, they may not always know where to start their fitness journey; this is where you step in! By becoming a personal trainer, you can curate special workouts for your clients, recommend dieting and nutrition tips, and serve as a support system on their journey to physical health and wellness.

5 Easy-to-Start Beauty & Self-Care Business Ideas For 2020

If you’re not into traditional workouts such as weight-training or cardio exercises, you can also consider becoming a yoga instructor. Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your physical and health. You can also enhance your mental health by implementing breathing exercises, meditation, and mantras in addition to practicing yoga. When you’re glowing from the inside, you always look (and feel) better.

4. Hair Care Brand

The hair care industry is always evolving. As consumers learn more about their hair texture, care practices, and preferred treatments, the hair business is growing with several new hair brands that cater to different audiences. Who’s to say there’s not room for any more options?

This is especially true for when it comes to organic hair care lines. Consumers are becoming more conscious of what they’re using on their hair, and this has resulted in rejecting hair brands that have been using harmful ingredients in their products. If you’re passionate about pursuing healthy hair made from natural products, you can look into creating your own hair care brand. It will involve a lot of research, work, and dedication, but everything that’s worth it requires that sort of care.

5. Start a Book Club

Honestly, sometimes we all need a good book to dive in to. Reading is fundamental, and it’s also relaxing. Launching a book club may be a non-traditional business, but you can charge for membership and subscription fees. Whatever direction you decided to go with it, a book club would definitely help others embrace some much-needed self-care.


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