Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Studying and Living In Swansea

Swansea, a south-coastal city and county, is the second largest city in Wales and the twenty-fifth largest city in the United Kingdom. This historical yet cosmopolitan place brings in a thriving student population, looking for urban living on a budget.  Swansea also makes an ideal choice for anyone looking for a quality place to live after they graduate, with its affordable house prices and some fantastic career opportunities.

Quality living on a budget

Swansea is home to beautiful coastlines, a busy town centre and multi-cultural living. Known mostly for the world-renowned Swansea City Football Club, this popular city is located on the south coast of Wales and is a great magnet for anyone seeking quality life without stretching their wallet.

Just take a look at the average property price for sale in Swansea which, according to property website Zoopla, is £166,838. This is as much as £53,000 less than the average house in the UK, which makes Swansea much more affordable, especially for first time buyers.

So what would £166,000 in Swansea get you? If you are looking for family-friendly choices you might want to consider a chic, two-bed cottage located near top local schools. Don’t feel the vibe? Worry not, as for £169,950 you can get a stunning 14th floor, 2-bed apartment with your very own breath-taking view of the Swansea marina. Feeling convinced? We thought so.

Living the student life

If you are just about to start your university journey, you should seriously consider Swansea University as your primary choice. This research-led institution, founded in 1920, has an excellent reputation for the quality of its student experience, and this year the university achieved its highest ever rank in the Guardian University Guide 2019.

The city is home to some 24,000 students, who site the main perks of living in Swansea as very affordable rent, modest conveniences with the likes of inexpensive nights out (Swansea offers the cheapest student night out in the UK at only £21. This includes nightclub entry, five drinks, a kebab and an Uber home!) as well as student-budget-friendly facilities (i.e. student storage in Swansea costing as little as £5 a week).

Exciting employment opportunities

Swansea is the perfect destination for anyone planning for a financially secure future.

There are 107,700 people in employment in Swansea, and the city is most known for offering roles for anyone specialising in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Transport and communication
  • Accommodation and food
  • Financial and professional services
  • Public administration
  • Education
  • Health

There are nearly 8,000 businesses in Swansea and a total of 27,000 businesses in the wider Swansea Bay area, which make Swansea a noteworthy destination for anyone looking a stable, well-compensated job.

Swansea truly has something for everyone, whether you’re studying, working or looking for somewhere nice to retire. See all that Swansea has to offer for yourself by taking a trip to the south of Wales. You won’t be disappointed.

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