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The Importance of Hiring Professional Cleaners for Asbestos Removal Australia

Asbestos is one of the most dangerous substances you can ever find in your home or office. It was commonly used in floor tiles, insulation, roofing materials and other building materials. In the 1980’s it was discovered that it was a life-threatening substance when inhaled. Consequently, relevant authorities recommended asbestos removal Australia. Like mentioned earlier, asbestos is hazardous and should be removed only by a professional.

Asbestos Inspection

Are you considering selling your home? The first step is hiring a company that specializes in asbestos removal Melbourne to inspect the building. Samples will be taken from different areas of the building and then sent to a laboratory for examination.

There are instances asbestos may not need to be removed such as if it is in perfect condition.

Asbestos Removal

You should not attempt removing this material on your own. This is because professional has the appropriate equipment and methods to safely remove asbestos without risking their health, that of your family and the environment. Asbestos consists of tiny fibres that can quickly become airborne. If inhaled, these fibres can lead to fatal health conditions such as lung cancer, colon cancer, and stomach cancer.

Other top reasons why you should hire a professional asbestos removal Australia company include:

  • They are knowledgeable and experienced. They are required to undergo numerous training sessions before acquiring a license. This equips them with skills on how to remove and dispose of asbestos.
  • Licensed asbestos removal experts have public liability insurance. This guarantees you of financial compensation in case of damages.
  • Australia has stringent rules on how to dispose of asbestos. You don’t have to worry if you engage experts. They will remove, transport and dispose of the material according to the local council requirements.
  • Offer cleanup advice- after the removal process, a reliable asbestos removal expert should conduct a final inspection and advise you on how to clean your space.

Hiring Asbestos Removal Melbourne Experts

There are many environmental cleanup companies out there. But the seriousness of this substance demands that the company you contract to be a reliable one. How can you ensure you have chosen the right service provider?

It is advisable that you get bids from different contractors. Ensure you describe the project to all contractors in the same terms so that you can compare the proposals. Ask all contractors to include a listing of labor, insurance, waste disposal charges and other related costs. Note, a service provider who comes to your home to see the project will give you the most realistic bid.

All bids should be submitted in a written work plan that describes the cleanup methods to be used. Moreover, it allows you to compare the bids you will receive with ease. The following tips will help choose the right company:

  • Costs

   This has to come first for obvious reasons. Substandard service providers use low prices to lure gullible homeowners. You need to cautious with such companies. Then there are the high-end companies who claim to be the best. Find out if they offer free tips. Also, check for any hidden costs.

  • Reviews

  Ask around for recommendations and look for reviews online. Usually, a company with high ratings from most clients is a safe bet.

  • Experience

Another factor to put into consideration is the company’s experience and its staff. Here you need a company with technicians who are licensed, insured and certified. Also look for a company that has managed similar projects as yours before. For instance, a commercial asbestos abatement outfit may not be in the best position to clean your small cottage house.

Final Thought

Even if you are on a budget, do not remove the asbestos yourself. Instead get as many quotes from licensed and certified asbestos removal Australia companies as possible. Asbestos removal is an overwhelming and dangerous job that should be left to experts.


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