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Online Wedding Resources Every Engaged Couple Should Know About

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that the news has been broken and you’re getting used to wearing a ring, it’s time to start thinking about all of the details that come with planning a wedding. These days, 83 percent of couples do their wedding planning online, making it easier than ever to keep track of all of the ideas, purchases, and upcoming events that need to be attended. With so many weddings being planned online, there are also tons of resources available to help guide couples through the wedding planning process and make things go more smoothly.

As great as it is to have all of those resources available, though, it can be hard to narrow them down and know which ones will really make a difference and which ones can be left behind. If you’re having a hard time figuring out which resources you can live without and which ones you won’t be able to, below are some of the best wedding resources available online for nearly every wedding planning category:


There are a number resources that you can use to help you find the perfect wedding décor that will fit within your budget. Pinterest is a great resource that can help you when it comes to planning décor, deciding exactly how you want and how it will fit with your colors, theme, or the layout of the venue. You can even purchase some décor via Pinterest as well; however, if you’re not finding links to purchase the décor pieces that you want, there are plenty of other resources you can use too.

Amazon, for example, is a great resource that has pretty much everything you can imagine at almost every price point. Other sites like Oriental Trading and Save on Crafts also help you get the décor you need like hanging paper lanterns, name holders, and so much more.

Wedding Dresses and Clothing

A couple of decades ago, no bride would ever dream of purchasing her wedding dress online. Besides the probability that the dress would arrive in less-than-perfect condition or even look different than advertised, slow shipping times and high shipping rates were big deterrents. While some brides are still hesitant to make such a big purchase without trying a dress on, there are resources available that make purchasing wedding dresses and clothing easier than ever before and offer brides confidence that they’ll get what they’re paying for.

For example, whether you’re ordering ties for the groomsmen or a plus size wedding dress, has a wide selection that ensures you can find anything that you want. Not only that, but they let you get a sample of the fabric or try things on at home before making your final decision.


When it comes to registering for your wedding, there’s no need to leave your home anymore. There are plenty of online registries available that will ensure you and your fiancé get everything that you need for your life together after you’ve made your vows. Amazon is a popular wedding registry, but other registries like Zola, Target, and others are also up there in popularity. Zola, for example, lets you put experiences on your list, not just items and Target enables you to get everything you could need for the home without leaving home.


When it comes to wedding planning, whether you’re doing it on your own or have enlisted the help of a planner, there are plenty of online resources you’ll want to use. From using Pinterest to help you come up with ideas and get the aesthetic that you want to creating Google Sheets and Google Docs to keep people helping you get the wedding under control up-to-date in real time, you won’t be able to live without them during the months you spend planning. If you’re planning your wedding on your own, then sites like The Knot and WeddingWire will quickly become your best friend since they have everything from planning tools to ideas and forums that will help you stay sane and keep things under control.


The Knot and WeddingWire are online resources that can not only be used for planning your wedding but to help you plan out the food as well. They enable you to find local venues and vendors including caterers and chefs who can help you make your big day a delicious success. If the actual caterer isn’t your issue, but you need help planning a menu, there’s always Pinterest that can help you come up with the perfect spread for any wedding, any time of year.

Final Thoughts

With so many couples using the Internet to plan their weddings, there are tons of wedding resources available online. While some may be mediocre, others are invaluable and can help you get everything you need from the décor to the perfect menu. Which wedding planning resource do you feel you won’t survive without?


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