The Art of Smoking

For millions of people, smoking tobacco is a joy. From the occasional cigar smoker to the regular cigarette smoker, tobacco users come in all shapes and sizes and enjoy their tobacco for all different reasons. For those who make tobacco a hobby or a passion, smoking is about much more than a quick cigarette break: it’s an art! If you’re a smoker, consider the ways in which you could improve your smoking experience by paying more attention to what you smoke, how you smoke it, and the smoking experience itself.

Becoming a Tobacco Connoisseur

Tobacco is available all over our country, but shoppers tend to see the same few brands over and over. Major corporations have been making cigarettes and other tobacco products for generations, and they’ve got things down to a science. However, smaller artisanal brands that strive to make unique and superior products also exist.

You can find the latest and greatest news about tobacco online. Seek out information about growers and manufacturers, and read the reviews. You’ll find that you can enjoy superior tobacco when you appreciate the art of producing (and smoking) the perfect cigar or other smoking product.

Taking Charge

The experts who put tobacco into products like cigars can put tobacco produced by the finest growers to marvelous use by. However, you don’t have to let someone else set up your smoking for you: you can get the tobacco yourself, too!

A simple cigarette rolling machine makes it easy for you to roll your own cigarettes, a tactile experience that will add an enjoyable ritual to your smoking routine while giving you more control over what you smoke. It’s also possible to make your own cigars, if you’re feeling adventurous. Or, of course, you could just buy pipe tobacco and smoke it in your favorite pipe.

It’s easy to buy tobacco online or in person, and getting tobacco yourself (instead of in pre-made products) can also save you quite a bit of money over time. It’s well worth getting into the art of preparing your own tobacco for smoking!

Smoking Itself

Even the actual act of smoking has an art to it — if you know what you’re doing! Each tobacco product has its own rituals and best practices, so read up on your favorites and speak to other aficionados. Take your time smoking, especially with cigars, and know how to do things like cut your cigar or light your pipe the proper way.

Then, there are the fun-loving showoffs. Do you know how to blow smoke rings? It’s a great little trick, and one that you can choose to take very seriously. Some people even host smoke-ring blowing contests.

The act of smoking should relax you (and it is more apt to do so if you follow our other suggestions by investing in great tobacco and smoking it in the best ways you can). Don’t rush through it: savor it! Embrace the ritualistic nature of smoking, find new ways to enjoy tobacco, and pay attention to the flavors and the experience.

Every smoker has their reasons for enjoying tobacco, but many of us could enjoy it even more if we choose to explore the industry’s more artisanal side. Invest in great tobacco, learn to prepare and smoke your tobacco in a more artful fashion, and enjoy a more fulfilling experience!

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