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Here’s Why You Should Really Move to Australia

Australia is the land of the Kangaroo, or so you were told when you were a kid. It’s also home to the Tasmanian Devil, Dingo, Emu, Koala, Platypus… need we say more? Australia is as unique as it gets, and if you’re fed up with the ordinary, it’s the perfect destination.

So why move there? Why not just visit?

You could move to Australia for the climate. Australia has beautiful, sunny days, a temperate climate, and warm weather for Christmas. Depending on where you lived, you could skip winter altogether. If you want to retire in style, forget about Florida: find retirement villages in Brisbane instead. When someone’s moving your grass, and your retirement destination is a vacation in and of itself, what more could you ask for?

You could move to Australia for the climate, but that’s not the best reason to move to Australia. You could move there for the low population density — more space to stretch your legs and explore the unexplored — but that’s not the best reason either.

You could consider moving to Australia for its efficient healthcare system — government care for on the continent with private healthcare options as well. You could enjoy being part of a multicultural society, since 49% of the Australian population is made up of first- or second-generation migrants. If you were worried about being the odd one out, the newcomer, in any country, you’d have no cause for concern in Australia.

You’d also have no cause to worry about unemployment. Australia has a strong economy and a low unemployment rate, so you could feel confident about landing a job.

Those still aren’t the best reasons for moving there, however.

The real reason to move to Australia is the continent itself. It has some of the purest air in the world, some of the weirdest animals, and a wide range of ecosystems. You could enjoy rainforests and deserts, incredible cities and the empty outback, all in the same country. While most Australians choose to make their home near the cities, you’d have more than enough options. With Brisbane house and land packages, you could have a home designed anywhere you wanted in the Brisbane area, on your own patch of Australian land.

The real majesty of Australia is its uncharted quality. While scientists know plenty about Australia, it retains its “wild frontier” aspects. (Have we mentioned the low population density?) Australia allows its citizens to enjoy both the culture of the city and the beauty of nature. There are over 500 National Parks in Australia. Need we say more about how much nature there is left to see?

Australia retains a sense of newness. It isn’t drowning in smog or the weight of cities that have driven out green leaves and animals. The nature in Australia fights back, and it’s there to stay. (Consider the Great Emu War of 1932.)  The abundance of pure nature is the real reason to move to Australia.

Plus, you’d pick up a great accent.

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