How to Protect Your Data With Effective Patch Management

Cyberattacks and ransomware have become so common nowadays but patch management is still ignored by companies. In fact, over 80% of breaches happen as a result of poor patch management.

Targeted attacks is not a one time process, it’s an ongoing process and companies need a better solution to tackle such attacks.

How to Protect Your Data With Effective Patch Management

Let’s learn about patch management and its importance in keeping your devices secure. 

What is Patch Management?

Patch management is the process of upgrading software applications or its supporting data in order to remain safe from all sorts of cyber attacks.

Patch is nothing but a piece of code that is accessed, tested and installed. Patches are installed in routers, firewalls, servers, operating systems, anti-viruses, and other software that exists within a network.

Why Patch Management is Important?

Here are the top reasons why you must employ patch management:

  • Software are insecure and proper patches are necessary to keep the devices secured.
  • Most of the attacks happen due to the existing vulnerabilities in the system.
  • An outdated antivirus is unable to keep the systems secure. Hence, timely patches are necessary to protect the systems.
  • Some software become outdated and further updates are not available. When patch management are applied, you can timely identify the problem and stop using the software.
  • A better patch management policy helps the keep the IT systems secured.
  • Any security breach can prove extremely costly for the businesses. An effective patch management program can save money and resources.

Essentials of Effective Patch Management

Follow the below essentials of effective patch management:

  • Your patch management system must be versatile and compatible with OS like Windows, Mac, Android and Linux.
  • The patch management system should constantly look out for the latest patches to remain updated.
  • The system should provide endpoint monitoring on a real-time dashboard.
  • The system must be in compliance with the necessary and defined policies.

An effective patch management cycle should comprise of the following steps:

Cloud Management Suite –  A Better Way to Patch

Cloud Management Suite is an effective cloud-based IoT management software that lets you manage unpatched vulnerabilities at the click of a button.

Here are the top features of Cloud Management Suite:

  • The platform offers effective patch management for Windows, Linux, Mac and IoT devices.
  • With the help of micro agent technology, the system automatically updates the missing software patches.
  • You only need an internet browser to securely manage your systems.
  • With the help of the Device Health feature, you can quickly determine and remediate the vulnerable devices.
  • An entire suite of detailed reporting tools offers an entire overview of patch management.


Your IT department must immediately repair the system vulnerabilities and patch management is a necessary process that ensures prevention against potential threats.

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