The Role of Picking Stations in Waste Management

A picking station aims at sorting, separating, removing and recovering contaminants from a certain product or waste stream. It is a requirement in the UK that every industry or company have its waste management solution. Across the country, you might have come across single mobile units where waste is collected, sorted and recycled. Today, the most popular picking stations are mobile units.

Why are mobile picking units available?

Picking stations are rented or hired for different purposes. They are commonly used for:

  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Green waste and compost
  • Aggregate recycling
  • Waste from old landfills/dumpsites
  • Soil remediation
  • Commercial and industrial waste

Advantages of installing picking/sorting stations

As stated above, picking stations play a key role in the running of any business or company. Here are some of the great reasons why you need to invest in a picking unit.

Efficiency – compared to the traditional manual picking methods, this type of picking is efficient and time-saving. Rather than collecting waste from the floor, customers or users dispose of the waste directly into the unit. This eliminates the time lost to collect waste.

Mobility – mobile picking units are easy to position, set-up and relocate to different areas. Its ability to move makes it easy to collect waste from different regions with a single unit.

Safety – Having a picking unit guarantees the safety of employees from hazards when working in ventilated or enclosed areas. Picking units are located away from the working area, mostly outside, which makes the environment conducive to work.

Choosing the right picking unit

Before you rent or purchase a picking unit, make sure that you choose the right one for your needs. There are different types of picking stations available. How then do you determine the best picking unit for your business or industry?

Role – picking units play different roles. Some units consist of a finger screen, bag remover, sorting conveyor, eddy current separator, receiving hopper and vibration plate. Some of these stations have the ability to further process and separate different types of glass.

Type of waste – the kind of waste collected or produced in your business may define the right picking unit. It can be solid, different types or sizes. Make sure that the picking unit you choose is ideal for the waste.

Manufacturer – there are tens of manufacturers supplying picking units. However, it is recommended that you purchase from the best manufacturer in the market. The quality and efficiency of a picking unit greatly depend on its manufacturing process.

Price – how much have you budgeted for a picking station? The price of picking units differs depending on the model, size, and use. Before you start your search, have a budget. Most companies prefer hiring or renting picking units.

A picking unit is a system of several integrated elements. As you search for the right picking unit, make sure you get it from experienced suppliers. They will help in assembling, collecting and sorting waste collected in your company or business.

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