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A Fresh Start in 2019

The last months of the year can take on the feeling of an avalanche. Christmas has a gravity about it that means time just disappears, as you look for presents, attend parties, try to deal with a suddenly too-busy workplace and navigate whatever tensions and traditions your family has generated for the festive period.

The days between Christmas and the New Year are quieter and a chance to look back over the year just passed, and the year to come. Lots of people use this time to think about changes they want to make to their lives, and there’s no better time than a new year for making a fresh start. Whether you want to get fitter, change your job or move house, going into 2019 with an agenda for change starts you off with some momentum and motivation behind you.

One way to make a fresh start is to make a few changes to your wardrobe. Even a couple of different choices can redefine how people see you, which makes it easier to be the new person you want to be. If you’re chasing a promotion at work, a few clothes that scream ‘professional’ (ties and shirts instead of t-shirts and jeans might make your manager or interview panels take a fresh look at you.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to be a little more relaxed in 2019, whether that’s with meditation and mindfulness or simply making more time in your life for the important things that aren’t work, spinning your wardrobe in that direction can put you in the right frame of mind. Adding a Blood Brother hoodie to your Christmas present shopping as a treat for you means you’ve started building a ‘uniform’ for relaxation. If you dress less formally people will treat you less formally and you can start to relax.

Of course, there’s a dangerous flipside to this way of making a fresh start: it can be demotivating. Spending lots of money on clothes and equipment doesn’t translate automatically into skill, and if you’ve treated yourself to some high-end exercise gear, that doesn’t mean your first run on New Year’s Day isn’t going to be punishing. You need to be prepared to do the work – outfitting yourself in new clothing is a subtle attitude adjuster, not a replacement for the effort you need to put in. With that in mind, it’s more sensible to keep the big purchases for rewards as you hit milestones along your journey rather than an upfront cost you might struggle to live up to.

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