Why You Must Visit Puerto Rico

At this cold, dark time of the year, it’s important to give yourself things to look forward to. Whether you’re a martyr to Seasonal Affective Disorder proper, or simply dog tired of shopping for an endless list of Christmas presents in the wind and the rain, finding the time to programme in a treat for the post-Christmas side of winter is all but essential. If it’s a treat that involves getting some winter sun, that’s so much the better and today we’re taking a look at Puerto Rico to explain why it’s the perfect choice for.


Puerto Rico enjoys tropical temperatures the year round, so if you’re in search of sunshine and warmth there are no bad time to visit. That said, it’s uniquely suited to a winter getaway, as the summer months tend to be humid, and the winter climate, while a few degrees cooler, is still the height of summer heat to someone visiting from a British winter and is a dryer, less taxing warmth.

Art and Culture

If laying by the beach sipping cocktails is all you need in a holiday, Puerto Rico has you covered, but if you need to justify your relaxation by seeing some sights there’s plenty for you to enjoy too.

Arecibo, the largest city on the island is home to one of the colossal statues by Zurab Tsereteli, the Russian master-sculptor. It commemorates Columbus’ discovery of the Americas and the size and effect of the statue simply cannot be conveyed by pictures.

While you’re in Arecibo you could also take a look at the observatory: another vast achievement in engineering, turned to science rather than art. It has an interactive visitor’s centre that makes a visit there educational, interesting and well worth while, beyond the simply taking in the spectacle of the observatory dish itself.

Elsewhere on the island, other museums can tell you about the history of the island, pre and post-colonisation, and educate you about the rich history of art that has flourished among the people there, perhaps inspired by the verdant rainforest that covers the land.


As an acknowledged holiday destination for tourists around the world, Puerto Rico has a rich array of accommodation to choose from. Its selection of five-star luxury hotels is second to none, but you also have the chance to get off the beaten track a bit if you want a slightly less pampered holiday.

Whatever the reason you like to travel, Puerto Rico can cater to it, so book now to give yourself something to get you through the dark days of winter.

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