How to Get Yourself a Passport Photo Which You Won’t Be Ashamed Off

Let’s face it: you are not Prince!

He can put on a perfect face and get away with it, but your passport photo looks like a reminder of that morning after the worst night of your life. Even if you are not an alcohol person passport pictures have a way of making a person look as if they have a hung over. In this site, we have come up with several tricks which you can use to have that perfect shot which won’t embarrass you in front of your family and friends.

  • Knowing the rules

  If you fail to adhere to the guidelines, you will risk having your passport rejected. Don’t try to use that picture you took 20 years whereas now you are 40 years old. All passport photos need to be at least less than six months old. Any attempts to display your white dentals will be shut down, and your mouth should also be closed and try to have a neutral expression on your face. You should look directly at the camera, avoid having hair on your face, eyes open and with no red-eye effect.

  • Choosing what to wear

     There’s a particular mode of dressing for every occasion. I would suggest wearing a color which will suit you. Avoid wearing turtlenecks clothes because they will make you appear as if you have a short neck. You can wear classic black attire. Black is always safe. Also since the background is white, you should avoid wearing white clothes so that you don’t disappear in the background.

  • Careful with your makeup and hair

     Planning is vital with makeup and hair. One tip I’d suggest is don’t wear SPF makeup when going for a passport photo shoot as the makeup reflects with the light of the flash. Opt for natural makeup, fill in your eyebrow as they will give your face a nice frame and also apply a bit of mascara to bring out the fullness of your eyes.

   If your hair is long wear it instead of tying it at the back. When you tie it at the back, you might end up looking bald, and you don’t want that.

  • Choose your photographer

    Here we aren’t talking about photo sessions with a glamour photographer (but if you can afford it no problem). Have a look at all your available options of where you can get your pictures taken. You might get tempted to take a selfie but if you have no idea of what you are doing the results won’t be appealing at all.

You can get your photo taken at the post office, but most of the time their offices are quite busy. You can try going in the afternoons when they are less busy for a relaxed photo session. You will live with this passport pictures for about ten years so if you want it to look good, you have to take that shot.

It’s vital for you to have a presentable passport which you won’t get ashamed of every time a friend of yours sees it. When going for a passport photo shoot ensure that you are well groomed choose your photographer well and lastly make sure that you follow the rules.

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