Why is it Important to have a CRM for Sales Teams?

Why is it important to have a CRM for sales teams is just similar to asking why is it important to use computers in office? Simple reason to use a CRM as it makes sales process faster and better. However there are many business and sales team that are dependant on spreadsheets to manage their sales process.

There is no harm in using traditional tools if that makes your work faster and increases your sales productivity. With time, you also need to switch and upgrade to better tools that reduces your repetitive tasks and allow you to focus more on your core activities. In case of a CRM, we will take you through all the possible reasons why you must go ahead with a CRM and ditch using spreadsheets.

1] Escapes all your repetitive, mundane and unnecessary tasks:-

While you are using a spreadsheets, everything is to be done manually. When you use a CRM, you do not need to enter details in the CRM manually. Your leads can automatically be captured in CRM using integration, you can import all you data in CRM. You can create auto deals and set tasks associated with these deals. Now this reduces all you manual efforts. One reason to use a CRM is to reduce manual efforts and not the other way round.

2] CRM manages your communication:-

Going the traditional way, you have to record each and every communication with your customers manually and this can be real time consuming plus you cannot escape this activity as every communication matters in deal closure. However a CRM can manage all your communication. Simply sync your email id with CRM and you are good to go. Your communication gets synced automatically. In case if you have a call communication, you can add that as well and which will be recorded as a historical communication.

3] Saves hard earned money:-

You tend to invest a lot of money in email marketing tools which can be saved by using a CRM which is also an email automation software. Send bulk emails, track your emails, design custom email templates all in one place without using a separate email marketing tool. You can also integrate all your other important tools like Quickbooks, Slack etc using Zapier and Piesync and get your business on one platform.

4] Access data anywhere anytime:-

If you want to have all data in one place and handy, you need to use a CRM as it comes with a mobile app at the same time. This means your sales team can access data from anywhere with minimal internet connectivity even when they are on field.

5] Smart reporting:-

Waste no time on reports as CRM will fetch all the analytics for you in just few clicks. Just command what you need and you will get the details. This saves your manual hours every week or every month end and you can actually pay more attention to your customer requirements.


Abhishek Agrawal is the Founder & CEO at CompanyHub CRM. A technology lover and a writer who loves to give simple solutions on making sales teams lives easier. You can get in touch with him on Linkedin

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