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Understanding The Relationship Between Web Design and Instagram Marketing

Understanding The Relationship Between Web Design and Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the most important social media platform today for marketing purposes. It has outperformed both Facebook and Twitter to become the most sought-after social media destination. Not only is Instagram simple and easy to use, but it also takes up relatively less space and conveys information more directly to users. It is more this reason that more and more business owners are turning to this social media platform to market their products. However, a good web design is also an essential part of your company’s online setup, combining the features of Instagram into your web design will give your business website more usability and popularity. In this article, you will learn how to incorporate Instagram into your web design format to get the most out of both and create a stronger online presence for your business.

Importance of Web design

  1. Web design is the layout of your website. It determines where you put the critical links to, what features you wish to highlight, how your viewers navigate through your site and so on. It is essential that a web design be simple and easy to understand as a complicated web design will deter users from spending too much time on your web page.
  2. Web design has to make the viewer comfortable and feel that he or she has got things under control, that they would know where to click to find what they are looking for.
  3. Web design must ideally incorporate a beautiful but simplistic layout where all the essential information is displayed, and details remain hidden under further links.

Instagram’s design

  1. Instagram’s layout is simple in the sense that it is minimalistic, you just see the photos or the videos which are posted, and you only have the option of liking them or commenting on them.
  2. The pictures are shown more prominently than the written details, and this makes sure that people’s attentions are first drawn towards the main content and only when they like it will they check the details.

Incorporating Instagram’s designs into your web design

  1. Visual content: Instead of writing out elaborate details, put smaller written content and use more pictures which define your products. You can put photos of people using your products or of happy customers.
  2. Merging text and graphics: This tip ensures that people do not feel that they have to do much reading as it can quickly diminish their attention span if they feel like they have a tough reading session ahead of them. You can put out specific quotes more customer reviews which you want to display in the form of pictures, and then put the rest of it inside embedded links which people can click to read through. It is kind of like a headline for the more elaborate post, but only in the form of a picture.
  3. Interactive features: Like Instagram where users can comment and like under photos, you can also make your web design incorporate user interaction. Under the images that you upload, give options for users to leave behind comments or criticisms and then feature them on your site. Of course, you must filter the comments. It will be a novel innovation which has not been tried before.
  4. Fonts: Use cursive fonts like those in Instagram, they are different to look at and will give your web page a modern feel and look.

Also link your Instagram and your webpage together, share your posts on both platforms. In each of your Instagram posts, remember to include a call to action and a link to your website. When a user moves from Instagram to your site, he will not feel that it is a new platform altogether and he will be able to familiarize himself with the new surroundings easily.

You can visit a professional to learn how to get more followers for Instagram and boost your Instagram profile for your business purposes.


Instagram is one of the most premier social media platforms available today for business owners to help them build their online presence in this competitive world of marketing via the internet. No matter what your business type Instagram can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business. One of the essential things that you can do to help you in this endeavor is to create a web design that is Instagram friendly, and that can be easily accessed and understood by your followers. A web design that is Instagram friendly has to have a clean user interface; it has to put across its message easily to viewers through visual content, either in the form of photos or the type of videos. Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article will help you in creating such a design.

Author bio: Damien Williams is a social media entrepreneur who writes for several social media blogs and websites regarding business management techniques. Damien wishes everyone to learn how he or she can use social media in many innovative ways to increase his or her business outreach. Damien recommends you to visit experts to get more followers for Instagram for your Instagram business profile.

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