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FRP Products Exporters Bring Advantages and Disadvantages Of Joining Systems
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FRP Products Exporters Bring Advantages and Disadvantages Of Joining Systems

Every joining method used by experts – adhesive bonded and butt and strap, has their benefits and limitations. FRP pipes exporters sharing this article to explain all benefits and negatives of the methods.

The joining method used by professionals in a piping system can determine the success or detriment of the system over its years of usage. It is one of the critical factors in the engineering design of the system. The two common methods i.e. adhesive bonded joint and the butt and strap or but weld joint have their own positives and negatives. Before explaining them, we will briefly explain these two methods.

The Butt and Strap

The butt and strap joining method is the traditional method used by professionals. Experts using this method found it the most reliable method in the industry today. It includes two pieces of pipe that are butted together and chopped strand mat layers and woven roving are wrapped across the pipe in a resin matrix. The weld is used on the pipe exterior and the interior (if accessible). Manufacturers use the same material for butt weld joint.

Sometimes the butt and strap joint is also known as an adhesive because of its mechanical bond. But let’s not confuse it with the adhesive bonded joints.

Advantages of Butt Strap:

  • Most reliable joining method
  • No special tooling needed
  • Superb mechanical properties
  • The butt and strap has axial and bending strengths similar to or greater than the pipe
  • These are fire protected

Disadvantages of Butt and Strap:

  • It is a labor intensive method
  • It can have a greater first time cost
  • Some installation experience needed
  • NDT limited to cure testing, visual inspection, and hydro testing

The Adhesive Bond

This is also known as “joint of convenience” in the industry. There are three types of adhesive bonded joints – taper by taper, straight by taper, and straight by straight.

Advantages of Adhesive Bonded Jointing System:

  • Can have a lower first time cost
  • Less labor intensive
  • Under extremely adverse installation conditions
  • Good under simple tensile and pressure testing


  • Less reliable method for joining
  • NDT unavailable
  • Weaker under bending loads
  • Installation time can equal the butt and strap
  • Special tooling may be needed
  • Experienced knowledge is needed to get a reliable result

If you need more details on these methods, write to FRP Pipes Exporters today.

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