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Running Your House Solely On Solar Power: Is It Possible?

Around 100 million of residential homes have been already using solar panels in the USA. Some of them use solar power off the grid while others prefer to keep the traditional electric system active. Still, more and more experts are insisting on the sole use of solar panels.

Familiarize with this guideline before you will turn your grid off and start living green.

Effects of Weather

Obviously, solar panels have plenty of advantages. After you pay for panels and installation, solar power is free. Solar panels tend to be efficient (though the average efficiency of solar panels depends on certain factors) and environmentally safe. Still, some of the potential users don’t make up their mind to run their house on solar panels due to lack of solar power.

While the work of panels depends on the solar power, foul weather can lead to the lack of power. If you live in regions with lack of sun but still have solar panels, you can simply use your tradition electric system to accumulate electricity.

Solar Panels Only

For people, who live in Florida or California and don’t experience a lack of sun, generating power only from the sun is absolutely possible. Any technical issue could prevent users from providing the whole house with energy.

Installation of the panels allows them to be situated at various angles and capture as much sunlight as possible. After rays are captured, solar panels transform them into DC power and then to AC power (the power you need for all electronic tools).

Modern technologies allow panels to accumulate and save extra power for “foul weather” cases. Therefore, your house will get energy in all cases: during poor weather, at night, in winter, namely every day.

Aesthetically Right Decision

Solar panels aren’t a trend anymore. These devices are people’s conscious decision to live green and save money. Therefore, aesthetic plays for them one of the most important roles.

Designers of solar panels have presented a new form of roof devices recently. In fact, new solar panels are made of the same material as the traditional ones. Still, it’s a new sort of the solar shingles. It’s a simplified and pretty version of the traditional solar panels that mucked a view of the house.

The main advantage that it’s not easy to discern solar shingles from a roof! Esthetes will definitely like this idea.

Solar Panel Adjustment

In order to give electricity to the whole house, it’s important to adjust solar panels right. The first step is checking out the meteorological data of the region and number of sunny days per year. Then it’s important to check out the bills to understand how much energy you actually need. The universal variant is 1 kilowatt per 1,000 square feet of a house.

During this step, some people fail and think that providing the whole house with power is impossible. You should calculate how much power you need taking into account bad weather and other factors.

Some regions simply can’t afford you to install solar panels. In such cases, purchasing them seems to be a simple waste of money. Yes, solar panels are the least expensive type of the alternative energy but installing them will hit your pocket and not every user receives a feedback.

Therefore, before running solely on solar power, you should consider many factors. Don’t neglect them and let the sun always shine above your house!

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