Travel Safe – How To Take The Danger Out Of Vacationing

You have saved your hard-earned money and your vacation days and now it’s finally time to hit the road for your much-anticipated family vacation. Proper planning requires more organization during the early stages, but will make for a safer, happier, and more restful time away in the long run. Following these simple tips will ensure safe travels and go a long way toward taking the danger out of vacationing:

Know Your Vacation Spot Before You Book

A fabulous tropical vacation at rock bottom rates may be too tempting to resist, but make sure you exercise due diligence when choosing your vacation location. Watch world news and set up internet search alerts well before your planning begins. By ruling out those places in a state of unrest you can avoid unnecessary exposure to violent or dangerous locations. Also, be weary of places that advertise the safety of a resort or hotel, but avoid any mention of the surrounding areas. These locations can be a draw for unsavory locals who are looking for easy targets; after all, you are often only separated a tree line, fence or casual perimeters.

Be Alert

No destination will be guaranteed crime-free and you certainly do not want to spend your time away in fear, but be diligent nonetheless. Regardless of your vacation destination, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Travel in pairs or groups and familiarize yourself with emergency numbers and protocol for the area, and make good use of hotel safes and travel belts to keep your money and belongings out of plain sight. Young families should teach children the importance of staying close and what to do in the event of separation.

Follow Rules

Of course, following the rules of the road, rail and sky is prudent when traveling any route and helps to ensure your safe arrival. However, once you have reached your destination, the adage “rules are made to be broken” is better left at home. Signs denoting “alligators”, “no diving” and red flags, alarms, etc. are in place to keep you safe. Heed these warnings even more so than you might at home, as you are in uncharted territory and will likely lose your bearings more easily than you would on familiar turf.

Vacations are part of the American dream and are a precious time to make memories with friends and families. By taking a few simple precautions, you can arrive safely and make the most of your time and your destination and make a safe return, just in time to plan next year’s trip.



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