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How Experts Determine Break Strength Of The Tile?

In easy words, the break strength of a tile is a numerical representation that tells the amount of weight the tile can support. There are different machines that manufacturing companies are making to test different features of the tile. One of the machines is MOR testing machine. MOR or Modulus of rupture testing machine is used by experts to determine the breaking strength of the tile. The break strength is calculated in a lab setting by professionals. Understanding what this number reveals will help you determine the tile strength and for what purpose you can use the tile.

Here are the step-by-step guidelines-

  • Acquire the rating of break strength along with the class of the tile. For this, manufacturers can help you out. Tile class is most commonly used detail and can be found on the packaging of the tile. Class is represented between 0 and 5 and can be also known as PEI rating.

Break strength is something that is not mentioned by manufacturers on the packaging of the product. However, you can find it under the specifications of the tile if you shop online. In case you are unable to find it, then contact manufacturer or supplier for detailed information. Manufacturers of tile make such information readily available for the customers.

  • Rating evaluation

You have to evaluate the break strength rating and compare them with industry requirements. The break strength is the amount of weight that a tile can withstand unsupported before it breaks.

  • Step three includes comparison of class of the tile

It can be a task to reconcile the intended use for your tile with the break strength rating. The class rating offers an easier route for laymen to grasp the possible uses for a certain tile. Tile having class 5 rating will be able to withstand severe conditions and can be used in any situation. Class 4 rated tile is sturdy and ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. Class 3 rated tile can be applied for light commercial and heavy residential use.

For bathrooms and kitchens, you can consider class 2 rated tiles as they can stand up to moderate traffic. Class 1 rated tile is super fragile and can be used in bathrooms with light, minimal dirt, and barefoot traffic. Class 0 rated tile is not meant for floorings. You can use them for walls.

If you need any further guidance about tiles, you can ask experts for help. Manufacturers are providing several machines to test different features of the tile, such as MOR testing machine. They can assist you and help you understand how to determine strength of the tile.

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