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GRP Pipes are Best Replacement of Cemented Sewerage System

Concrete pipes were traditionally used in sewer systems and no doubt they performed well. But as we all know that it is must to change with the time, GRP pipes are becoming alternative to concrete pipes used for sewerage system. The increased living standards have altered the sewage composition. Increased use of harmful chemical based detergents and shampoos has made the sewage acidic and also resulted in higher temperatures.

GRP pipes are into consideration of engineers due to their unique capabilities and advantages. We will discuss them in detail in this article.

  • Light weight: GRP is only 1/4th the weight of cast iron pipe and is around 1/10th the weight of concrete pipe.
  • Corrosion resistance: GRP pipes are durable. The material is known for its effective service life. GRP pipes don’t need any type of protection like cathodic protection, and its hydraulic characteristics remain unchanged over time.
  • Super smooth bore: since the bore is smooth, the slime build up is less and this saves cleaning cost.
  • Low maintenance cost: GRP pipes are easy to maintain since it doesn’t corrode. You don’t need to invest your time and money to clean GRP pipes.
  • No need of environment protection: GRP pipes don’t harm the environment.
  • Non conductive: GRP pipes are non conductive. Conductive pipes could be produced if there is a need of electric conductivity to dissipate static electricity buildup when transporting specific fluids.
  • Long section of pipes: GRP pipes are longer in lengths and can be bought in customize length and size, it could reach up to 12, and so there will be minimum requirement of joints. This reduces the installation cost and time automatically.
  • Dimensional stability: GRP pipes can maintain the tolerance required for most demanding piping and structural application.
  • Great chemical resistance and mechanical strength: GRP pipes don’t respond to chemicals and these are known for their mechanical strength.
  • You cannot cut a cement pipe but GRP pipe: Concrete gets harden when becomes dry. GRP pipes can be cut and link to form any type of fittings, like elbows with any angel, tee with distinct branches, etc.
  • You can modify GRP pipes to suite other types of piping material or accessories.

For more details on GRP pipes and profiles, you can reach to the suppliers and manufacturers any time. Find the reliable partner to source quality FRP and GRP products at economical prices.

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