5 Travel Regrets To Avoid Before Dying

You might already be familiar with the book Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, if you haven’t heard of this one before, grab it. It’s a life changer.

This got me thinking, what about travel related regrets?

Working in the travel industry, consultants are usually the go-to guys for an interesting story when the stuffy dinner party gets awkwardly quiet. But after trotting out another tale of toil and wonder, it’s often followed up by common cries of I wish Id done that when I was younger or my husband would never go there.

Imagine what these people will regret when they can no longer walk on to a plane?

Regret is a very sad thing to live with. So I’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common travel regrets you can avoid, before it’s too late.

1. Stop Leaving It For Ron

It is never going to be cheaper to travel than right now. Aviation fuel is not going to come down in price enough to affect your fare. Nor are those fancy new planes with all the fuel economy features ever going to result in a saving that is passed onto you.

5 Travel Regrets To Avoid Before Dying

You will never be younger than you are today and travel only gets harder as you age. As your family grows your travel options will shrink and by the time you can afford to finally take that big trip, you’ll be too old to enjoy it like you would if you were younger. If a travel opportunity comes up now, take it!

2. Don’t Only Speak English

Remember taking a language for all those years at high school? You should brush up on it again. Go on!

5 Travel Regrets To Avoid Before Dying

Knowing enough of another language to get you in and out of trouble will be the single greatest asset in your traveler’s arsenal. You will find it easier to make friends, get a local job and gain a true understanding of the culture you are trying to experience.

I always tell my friends to learn Spanish. It’s fairly easy to pick up, spoken in so many different countries, uses the same letters we do and is Latin based. So you can easily use it to work out similar languages such as Italian.

3. Why Wait For The Greatest Hits Tour?

You never know when your favorite band will break up, so go see them now while you can! Nothing is quite like seeing a band play live, especially in their early days this is when they’re at their best!

5 Travel Regrets To Avoid Before Dying

As musicians age, they mellow (like wine). So instead of downing half a bottle of Jack with a speed ball chaser, then tearing the crowds’ ears apart with a 24 minute axe solo they’ll reach for a Spirulina smoothie in a hemp cotton onesie. Then ask for a moments silence in respect for the grass blades you’ve just trampled underneath your heathen feet.

Don’t miss seeing your favorite acts now, before the heroin or the Greenies neuter them forever. One band not enough for you? Then you need to hit the music festival circuit. Music Festival Junkies is a great site for researching your favorite acts.

4. Forget Following The Frommers

The most rewarding experiences you enjoy while traveling are not printed in a guide-book or swiped past on an app. they’re lurking down that dodgy alleyway or inside that biker bar.

Travel by Walk

Smile broadly, walk tall, say good day and always buy the first round. You really want better travel stories? Then cast off the shackles of those well-worn travel guides, open up the sleeping bag of your scary new city and take a big fat sniff. You might even like it.

5. Letting Fear Win Means You Lose

Don’t be afraid of anything feel the fear, and do it anyway!

So you have to sleep in a hammock in the Amazon, what’s the worst that can happen? The Howler Monkeys only sound scary at night and thousands have laid here before you without dying.

Travel no fear

If you let your fears win, you miss out on the best experiences you’ll ever have. Embrace the adrenaline, think of it as a little side-shot for your beer.

Do the scariest thing first, then everything else is a cakewalk. You might not ever be here again so you’ve got to do as much as you can, while you can!

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