7 Unexpected Ways Writing Can Transform Your Health

Nowadays, as a result of technological advancements, people don’t write much. We heavily rely on our mobile phones and computers for communicating. Long gone are the days when people invested their time and energy in writing on paper.

Writing has its benefits. For example, dissertation writing and journal writing using a pen and paper bring various benefits to the human body. Without much ado, here are 7 unexpected ways writing can bring positive changes to your health:

  1. It Relieves Stress

Regarding a research carried out by the American Psychological Association, on average, on a scale of 1 to 10, men reported having 4.9 stress level, while in women the figure is 5.3.

Nevertheless, for those who feel pressured, writing a journal can be a great solution to the problem. Therefore, most doctors advocate for at least ten minutes of writing journals for those who suffer from stress.

  1. Writing Promotes Better Sleep

Back when we were children, most of us used to throw tantrums wondering why our parents ordered us to go to bed early. Sleep seemed pointless.

However, now as grownups, we’ve realized the value of sleep. When we lack enough sleep, we become restless. According to Health Communities, about 40 million people in the United States experience persistent sleeping disorders. On the other hand, around 20 million go through such problems from time to time.

Various studies have shown that writing a journal before going to bed can lead to sleep improvement and cure various ailments. Furthermore, writing expressively can assist you to get rid of unwarranted emotions that can prevent you from having a proper sleep.

  1. It Assists Patients Cope With Cancer

Receiving news that you have cancer is not easy at all. Most people usually feel devastated after getting the news.

Various studies have shown that people who write diaries now and then while going through the medical procedures cope with cancer better than the others who don’t. According to a medical paper called The Oncologist, a study on this was conducted and the results published. They had various participants who had cancer write diaries for some time while undergoing treatment. In the end, the results indicated that the patients who updated their diaries failed on very well.

They ended up changing their attitude to their disease and figured out how to view the situation from a different perspective. Eventually, they went through the pain easier, and it was less harrowing for them than it was for those who didn’t write diaries.

  1. It Improves the Well Being Of Your Body And Mind

When writing about things that you’re thankful for in your journal, the act of being thankful becomes a habit. You begin to appreciate more things in life, enjoying what you possess and also feeling appreciative to the people around you.

Furthermore, being grateful and positive has a lasting effect on your body and mind. Short-term writing can yield great results. However, if writing becomes a habit and you continually do it, you will experience the effects of feeling emotionally and physically healthier for an extended period.

Those who write journals are likely to be more enterprising and happy, unlike those who don’t regularly write.

Even though you don’t necessarily have to write this, we recommend that you start keeping records of what you’re grateful for as it will have a positive impact on your body and mind.

  1. It Can Improve Your Memory

When taking a pen and writing, you spend time both sounding that information and seeing it while writing. These are two different channels of acquiring information, which makes this method more efficient.

Researchers have indicated that when you write notes, your motor memory is also engaged in that process. Signals are sent to your brain and therefore, the data is stored in your memory. Whenever you have a hard time memorizing information, or you need to keep track of information, just try to write everything. It will make your work easier.

  1. Writing Brings About Emotional Healing

When was the last time you wrote somewhere all the negative feelings you had? Did it give you a sense of relief??

Writing helps in emotional healing, especially after a terrible ordeal. Whenever you express your feelings, you also free yourself from guilt and suppressed thoughts.

  1. It Leads To Physical Healing

Writing also brings about physical healing. According to research done in New Zealand that involved participants with wounds, they were told to write about what they had kept inside them for a while. After two weeks, the results collected indicated that the ones who wrote more expressively got healed faster.


There you go. The above are just but some of the ways writing can transform your health. Are there any other ways that we’ve left out?


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