How to Turn Your Writing Hobby into a Profitable Small Business

The business world has undergone numerous changes over the years. As technology continues to evolve, many business services are provided online. This has made conducting business easier via the internet and other digital tools.

Professional writers nowadays have an excellent opportunity to use their skills to make money online. If you enjoy writing, you can turn your hobby into a money-making venture. How do you go about this? The following are ways for you to turn your writing hobby into a lucrative business:

Writing eBooks

If you consider yourself a professional in your field and feel the need to share information with your audience, you can come up with an eBook and then market it via your blog. Those that write novels can also make use of this. A majority of online writers nowadays have blogs where they often share information on upcoming books.

This would work especially if you wish to be a novelist but cannot find a suitable publisher. Using your blog, you can create a loyal audience and in turn, make money. You can publish your work using online tools like Kindle. Amazon is one of the best avenues for publishing and getting prompt feedback from your audience.

Freelance Blogging

If you already have a blog that’s popular, you can take up blogging as a means of earning a living through offering your services to other individuals and businesses. This way, your blog will be seen not only as a portfolio but also a means of attracting more clients, particularly if your search engines’ rank is among the highest.

Therefore, if you don’t have any issue with working for other people and producing articles based on various topics, then this could be a great chance for you to earn some good money through writing.

You can create an effective content marketing strategy by following these tips:

  • Determine your blog’s purpose – What do you want to achieve with the blog? You should not solely think about money making. You need to look at blogging from the angle of the value that you will provide to your readers.
  • Determine your target audience – What are normally their opinions about a certain subject matter? How can you provide solutions for their needs?
  • Come up with a list of probable blog topics – You need to create them as soon as possible. They should relate to your target audience and provide something valuable for them to read.
  • Make a decision on which technique to use to make money – You will have to think about the best way of making money from your blog.

Banner Advertisements

This option is good for beginner bloggers (even though they don’t offer much money). You can begin to use them immediately, and if you decide to form a partnership with banner services, the whole process will be easy.


Most professionals provide tutoring services to their audience for a fee. For instance, they can offer paid lessons on business skills. For this to work, you should be popular enough and ensure that you possess information that will change peoples’ lives.

This alternative is a suitable option for those writers who are good at communication and do not view it as a complicated task.

Reviewing Products

You can earn some good money through writing paid reviews for various products, especially if you’re a popular blogger. Most bloggers do this work then they are only given gifts. However, if your blog is amongst the most popular, you can change tact and start charging your clients for services rendered.

Premium Content

For most blogs at their infant stage, in exchange for email subscriptions, bloggers offer premium content. However, if your blog is popular and you have a large following, you can in turn offer paid premium content. For example, it could be a video tutorial or a schedule for a particular thing. Their prices may differ depending on their value. You only need to set the correct price, and the content must be worth it.

Selling Your Products

If for instance, you design clothes or are even an artist and you have a blog, you have the opportunity to sell your products to your audience. Also, even if you’ve not created your products yet, you can do that at a later stage. For instance, most fashion bloggers begin with reviews and then eventually go on and create their own designs.


The above are just but a few ways which you, as a writer, can consider if you want to convert your writing hobby into a money-minting venture. This is something achievable. There are many examples out there of writers who’ve earned a lot of money through their writing skills. For example, we have J.K Rowling and Danielle Steel, among many others. For you to be successful, you need to put in the extra effort. In the end, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

In addition, for productive writing tips, you can visit various online sources for assistance. Always be on the lookout for new ways or tips to improve your skill. All the best!

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