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5 Gardening Products You Should Stop Using Right Now

Many people spend a great deal of time tending to their gardens and lawns. Some choose to hire professionals while others opt to do their own gardening. If you have a great deal of gardening products in your garage, you should know that many of these products are dangerous and may cause injury. Here are five gardening products that you should stop immediately.

Push Lawnmowers

Many people choose to purchase lawnmowers as a way to maintain their lawns while minimizing costs. With a lawnmower, you do not have to hire a gardener and can instead cut the grass at any time. However, did you know that the push lawnmower is one of the most dangerous gardening machines? There have been countless incidents of children losing fingers or other limbs because they stick them in the teeth of the lawnmower. If you have a lawnmower, consider getting rid of it and hiring a gardener.

Inorganic Fertilizers

Many people use fertilizers as a way to provide nutrients to a lawn or garden. However, the overuse of fertilizers can produce an overabundance of nitrates in the soil. This can then seep into the groundwater, polluting it immediately. Inorganic fertilizers can also pollute local ponds, lakes and rivers. Instead, try using organic fertilizers that help enhance the nutrients in the soil naturally.

Inorganic Pesticides

5 Gardening Products You Should Stop Using Right Now

Many people will spray pesticides on their plants and trees to protect them from harmful insects, weeds, and animals. However, pesticides can have a harmful effect on humans and the earth. Pesticides have been linked to respiratory problems, skin irritations, and even certain cancers. Pesticides can also kill harmless insects, which can imbalance the soil. There are all natural pesticides on the market that you should investigate instead.


Using a saw can be an effective way to chop firewood or cut down a tree. However, the sharp blades of a saw can be harmful to adults and children alike. Studies have shown that a vast number of accidents in gardens occur because of saws. If you have a saw, you may want to consider getting rid of it and instead ask a professional to do the heavy work.

Weed Whackers

This instrument can be an effective and efficient way of getting rid of weeds and trimming up the edges of the garden. However, since weed hackers usually have two blades, an individual can cut him or herself quite easily. Many people opt to remove weeds by hand while others choose to hire a professional to do the job.

If you routinely work in your garden, know that there are several items that can cause serious harm. To safeguard your family, you may want to get rid of many of these items to minimize the likelihood of an injury.



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