When Writing Becomes Just Another Lifestyle Good 

You cannot imagine a day without writing. You write when studying, communicating with friends, and even creating plans for a day. Writing is essential, and if you decide to conduct an experiment, you will see that it is simply impossible to spend a whole day without writing.

However, communication is not the only application of writing. In fact, these days writing has become a paid job for some people, and even a cure for others.

Writing as a cure

The thing is that words have so much power these days, that they cannot be underestimated. Just think of how many new professions emerged these days including copywriters and content writers, and all of them are working with the original content creation.

Besides, according to the recent research writing can be a real cure to some health issues. Thus, Stephen J. Lepore wrote a book called “The Writing Cure: How Expressive Writing Promotes Health and Emotional Well-Being” talked about different experiences and health issues a person can easily go through with writing.

Moreover, another study presented by the Health Land Time shows that people that write about the traumatic experiences they have higher chances of their wounds being healed sooner.

The study was conducted on a group of individuals that were split into two different groups. The first ones were asked to write their feelings down daily, while the other ones were asked to simply take notes of facts, no feelings included.

The doctors asked these people to let them take a biopsy of their skin, and then watched the healing process of the wound. As you might have guessed already, those who talked about their feelings in a diary, had their wounds healed sooner.

So, writing is not merely an activity we all do daily, but also a natural way of healing the wounds.

Writing as a job

Have you ever thought of how many books are published every day? And what about the number of articles, posts, and essays people craft on a daily basis? Isn’t this crazy?

We keep writing and talking and producing words. It is a part of our being. However, for some people, it is also part of their daily job routine.

Just to make sure you realize how big the market for writers is, look at the open writing positions on one of the websites for freelancers, Up work. According to their estimation, at least 2575 positions are open right now and are waiting for qualified specialists to take them. And this is only on one site.

Moreover, just look at the list of writing positions we found online. Speechwriter, literary editor, journalist, blogger, copy editor, book coach, technical writer, creative consultant, and content writer are only a part of an extensive list of occupations in this area.

Therefore, if you are good with words, you can easily find a job you will enjoy. All you need is a good portfolio and motivation to achieve as much as possible.

Writing as a lifestyle

So, what is writing for you? Do you believe that writing can help you make ends meet, heal the emotional and physical wounds, and help you build relationships effectively?

If not, then you should look at it differently now.

If you opt for writing as a part of your daily being, you are more likely to turn into a mature personality. It will nice to be around you, as improved writing skills translate into better conversation skills. You will become a better leader, as words can be a powerful tool that can persuade people to follow you and support your position.

Moreover, if you practice writing, you will end up having better grades as a student and faster career promotion as an employee. After all, writing when used properly can be a real blessing and change your life dramatically.

Thus, start writing regularly – and you will see great results in different areas of your life. You will be amazed to see how a simple habit can turn your life. No need to be a world-known author to achieve great results in this area. But rather use the knowledge you have already – and plant them so that you can harvest the positive changes one day.

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