Eco-Friendly Digital Printing Inks Serve Many Benefits

Why digital printing ink manufacturers don’t stop themselves to talk loud about digital printing? May be it is due to the benefits of digital printing. We all are aware of the fact that offset printing has been used by people for a long time, but things really have changed after introduction of digital printing method. In this article, we will compare these two printing methods and tell how digital printing is more beneficial for you.

  1. Quantity

In case you need a short run of printing jobs, you can pick the option of digital printing. It is because you can print and make changes in the printing on the go if you choose digital printing. However, traditional offset printing requires time and you have to consider the deadline and size of the project while selecting the type of printing.

If you need to print 500-1000 pieces, you can go with digital printing. If the quantity is more, offset is better.

  1. Time

No registration adjustments, no plate mounting, and no ink keys are really required in case of digital printing. You don’t need extra time to setup pre-press. Just make your file ready and hit the printer button and see the magic.

  1. Variable data printing

The best thing about digital printing is the opportunity it offers to print each piece with distinct information. This is ideal for pieces with information like name and residence.

  1. Price

Unlike offset printing, digital printing is cheaper. You have to be bit careful because the option of digital printing fits well if you are doing it for small runs. For larger projects, you can shift your interest towards offset printing.

  1. Eco-friendly

Digital printing is more eco-friendly as compare to traditional printing. You just need digital printing inks and not other chemicals and alcohol substitutes. If you really want to contribute to environment, you can go with digital printing option.

All these benefits are real and all of them make digital printing the best choice for small businesses and projects. If you have limited number of pieces and you want to invest less, you must opt for digital printing. For more information on digital printing and related products, you can contact digital printing ink manufacturers in your local.

For feedback and queries related to digital printing, you can make your comments below. Hope you share this article with your contacts and acknowledge them about all these benefits of digital printing.

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