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3 Digital Media Storage Options For Your Home

Living in what some people have termed the digital age, much of our media can be found in digital format. Gone are the days with hundreds of pictures in photo albums, stacks of CDs in the corner of your room, and cupboards full of DVDs and VHS tapes. While it can be easy to store all your media on your personal computer, computers are not infallible, and you don’t want to risk losing your media. To prevent the potential of losing your files, it could be beneficial to look into a few different media storage options.

External USB Hard Drive or Flash Drives

Using external hard or flash drives can give you peace of mind knowing your media is safe, and it also will free up space on your computer’s hard drive. An external USB hard drive is an extra hard drive you back up all your videos, music, and photos too. You can upload single files or whole folders of information at one time. You purchase this hard drive, connect it to your current computer and start transferring files. A USB Flash Drive is a great alternative for backing up your digital media. A USB flash drive has smaller storage compacity than an external hard drive but has the bonus of being a cheaper alternative. This option will be good for someone who has smaller quantities of digital media and it works just like the external hard drive.

Cloud Storage

You can also utilize cloud storage to store media files. Cloud storage is a service offered to both PC and iOS users. Apple has developed the iCloud and PC computers tend to utilize Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. However, these programs are all available online, regardless of your device. Some websites offer additional cloud storage, such as Amazon. You choose any one of these programs, open the program and transfer your files in. This is convenient as they will stay there, away from any damage, as long as you like. They can also be accessed from any device with internet access. The downside to cloud storage is that it is easier to hack.

Digital Media Server

If you find that you have more movies and TV shows than other media, consider finding a storage option that is designed specifically for movies and TV shows. With many people creating home theaters, digital media servers have seen a quick rise in popularity. These servers store media files that can be accessed and played back without needing the physical DVD. Having a digital movie storage option can free up storage space in your home as well as your computer, making it a wise choice if you live in an apartment or in a smaller home.

When choosing a media storage option, make sure you consider your needs, the media you want to store, and what you want to use the storage for. No matter what your decision, having a backup storage can provide peace of mind.

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