How Football Fans Are Capitalizing On Social Media Networks

In the recent years with the gradual shift from the traditional news to social media news, smartphones and televisions have become the major news broadcasters. Whether it is politics, entertainment and even sports, social media is the major hub for information seekers and gossipers. Nothing can stop such online enthusiasts from getting access to their favourite news regarding their celebrities and even sports personnel. Well, the same can be said about football maniacs.

Social media is one the biggest outlet for crazy football supporters. Nowadays, they follow their favourite teams on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, rather than sitting at the stands and cheering. In addition, this has made these fans reach a step closer to their favourite team and even players.

This trend has even passed to online gaming and online betting on football which is common among the younger gen. Each year the number of individuals who are hooked up on social media of their favourite team and players are increasing and they are simply at the age group of 18-29 years. Also, besides the fans that are constantly keeping track of what their favourite team and player are doing, even brands have started to follow sports club and teams on social media.

How Football Fans Are Capitalizing On Social Media Networks

Fan communities present online

For brands it is a great strategy to follow sports team on social media. A partnership in terms of sponsorship is a huge deal which can bring in million in terms of revenue for the brand as well as the team or player. Most brands are always on the lookout of new means to gain access to various audiences and it becomes easy through football team.

A direct communication is bridged with the potential customers and this is simply great for brands who want new means to communicate with new audiences. With the presences of the fan communities present online, the barriers have been demolished, making it easy for brands to create a potential branding strategy and market.

Besides branding, football fans can know each and every minute detail of their favourite team and players. The player static, match summary, personal life details of the players, history of the club and its owners, and the list goes on. It helps football fans to know what is happening in the team and about players, each minute.

No, doubt, this is the best and cheapest meaning for football fans to be in contact with their favourite players and team. There are various online social media pages where fans can gain access to live results and scores of all the matches in the league, fixtures, top scorers, standing table, team stats, transfers, players’ stats and use it for online betting on football matches and other predictions.

Final verdict

Compared to the traditional method of fan following, where there is less engagement, the social media fan club provides extensive experience where live matches can be watched rather than reading articles on traditional media. In addition, it keeps fans hooked on what their team players do before the match and after-match party sessions. In short, it keeps fans know every minute detail of their team or players and day-to-day events.

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