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Wearing the Perfect Dress Shirt for Every Formal do

The list is endless if you were to sit down and think of the various formal occasions you have been invited to. From black-tie galas and charities to a wedding, from soirees to a semi-formal luncheon meet and many more…today there’s a name for every occasion and every event has been broken down to further sub-events with their own dress-codes…

In the process: Confounding you!

Instead of making this an enjoyable moment… getting ready has now become a daunting task even for the most laidback, relaxed man.

So we decided to unravel this not so mysterious task… by breaking it down to a few key events.

The word dress shirts mean its distinct from the everyday casual shirt you don on. Unlike casual shirts which are cut differently, can be worn button down, rolled up sleeves and tucked out. Dress shirts are the real deal – epitome of class, style and panache. Buttoned-up, classic collar, French cuff or plain, crisp in subtle colours and prints.

Dress shirts and formal shirts overlap as they are used interchangeably as dress code to different gatherings.

Let’s start from the top – most formal to semi-formal bordering on casual.

First, there is the Black-Tie Event A notable charity event |a wedding or even a night at the Oscars! Usually always requires a crisp, white shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks, paired with a black tuxedo or elegant formal jacket and a bow-tie with fitted pants and leather shoes. You can opt for fabrics like cotton, high-end crease-free linen and silk for the dress shirts.

Dressing down a notch –Black Tie – Also weddings | galas| auction events| formal dinners. Opt for a solid coloured, slim fitted custom shirt paired with dark trousers and a formal blazer. Or go with a complete suit set in charcoal grey or black with a subtle solid dress shirt. Spruce it up with a silk blazer if the occasion calls for it.

Cocktails and more….Always check to see how formal or semi-formal is the event before you decide to dress up. A suit is optional. A dark solid coloured crisp custom shirt fitted with a pair of dark pants. Accessorize with a slim silk patterned tie if the occasions requires. You can add a dash of panache by throwing in some vintage cufflinks and adding a French cuff.  You can also wear a self embossed subtle patterned shirt where the patterns blend in with the colour. 

Lounge: For a day time tete-a-tete, business luncheon, engagement party, wear a smart yet not stiff suit or opt for a waist coat-tie duo ensemble with a pop of colour in your pocket square. A lovely pink dress shirt with charcoal grey pants and waistcoat and maroon pocket square… don’t you look dashing already!

Business Casual – This is more around your daily work attire. Wear a smart button down striped or check shirt with dark slim-fitted pants, paired with a sports coat or blazer. Tie is optional. These can also be great for interviews. These can change to smart casual or dressy casual… if you lose the pants to smart khakhis or chinos or dark denims. And switch it up with loafers, brogues or boat shoes.


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