Elements Of A Great Office Wardrobe

Men who travel for business and attend meetings recognize that a solid wardrobe is critical. If he has the right pieces, he can look his best regardless of the occasion. That being said, men might have a bit of difficulty when it comes to deciding what is necessary in order to have the ideal wardrobe. Here is a quick look at some of the must-have pieces for the perfect office wardrobe.

Dress Shirts

When it comes to dress shirts, most men don’t think that even the best performance menswear includes this item. Most men would also be wrong. You can get men’s dress shirts that are resistant to wrinkles and go right into the washer and dryer without the need for dry cleaning. You can also get these shirts made from comfortable materials that wick moisture away from the body so that you will always be able to keep your cool under pressure.


The ideal businessman’s watch doesn’t need to be anything flashy, but it does need to be one that is high quality. If you happen to be a traditionalist, try one with a brown leather band. If you prefer a statement that is a bit stronger, go with a matte or shiny metal band. The Cartier Tank MC is a great watch with a timeless look. The leather strap supports a dial that is square and rimmed in gold. The band has a subtle pattern to it that makes it look great with anything.


One of the things that every man should have in his wardrobe is a blue suit. A grey suit is also a great choice. Suits made in these two colors are the ideal thing to wear to meetings or even just the office. Having a great suit to fall back on will keep you from finding yourself in a situation where you don’t have anything that is appropriate to wear. The classic suit will fit in whether you are going to a formal party or just to work.


This is something that you will want to invest in at least a few of. You can wear this with jeans or suit pants and even over sweaters. You might choose from solid ones or ones that feature patterns. It totally depends on your style and comfort zone. Some men prefer Glen plaid while others tend to go for windowpane patterns or just solid colors.

Pocket Squares/Ties

It is always a good thing to have more than a few pocket squares and silk or even woven ties. Pocket squares should be either linen or silk. When you are matching these two elements, try to ensure that they are not made from the same type of material. You wouldn’t wear a silk pocket square with a silk tie.


Go with the traditional browns and blacks here. To start with, you might try a pair of Oxford or Derby lace-ups. Once you have those, you might expand on your shoe collection with a great pair of brogues. Chukka boots are also a good idea. Try to stick with the traditional colors though so you will be sure to have shoes to wear with any outfit.

Grey Sweater

The ideal grey sweater will go well with suit trousers and a jacket as well as with jeans. You can pair it with a white shirt under it too. If you are going to get a sweater, make sure that it is of good quality and made from something like cashmere or wool. If you cheap out on this item, you will find that it will shrink or pill after a couple of washes.


You can get slacks in a vast array of fabrics and styles. These are differentiated from the pants you wear with your suits in that there isn’t a matching jacket that is made from the same material. The dressiest types of slacks that are suitable to wear with your blazers should be made from a dark wool and cut in the same style as suit pants. Moving toward lighter colors made from cotton makes them less formal, like chinos.

Yes, there is more that will go into the businessman’s wardrobe, but the elements listed here will give you a start with solid basics.

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