Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

We all know that the right accessory can make or break your entire look and a watch takes the dilemma of the right vs. wrong a notch higher. After all, it tells the world who you are without as much as word spoken on the subject. It reveals so much about your tastes, preferences and priorities in life! Read on to know a connoisseur’s take on some of the most loved luxury watches.

If bright and ornamental is your thing, prepared to be stunned. Last week, we were out for a watches detour and stumbled upon just the right range. It was classy. It was authentic. It was amazing. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself! Check out some of the finest luxury watches we spotted at Ethos Watch Boutiques and you would know the inspiration behind the term love is in the air.

1. Jaeger –LeCoultre Reverso Lady Ultra, Model: Q3204120

Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

The pretty pink colour scheme of the watch can accentuate any ensemble instantly and the shimmery exterior attracts all the right kind of attention. With this baby, prepare to make the heads turn!

2. Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Night & Day, Model: Q3442120

Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

This lovely timepiece not only speaks volumes about the class and the panache of the wearer, but its rose gold colour makes it an extraordinary choice for any occasion. The diamonds studded on the rim only adds to the wonder that this is. Now, even men can have dressy Jaeger watches for dressy occasions!

3. Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Night &Day, Model: Q3433407

Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

With a Persian blue strap and stone-studded dial, it is a marvel! The entire dial covered with diamond-studded stones will make you fall in love in an instant. It not only adds zing to your attire, but also makes you relive royalty. After all, who isn’t besotted by diamonds?

4. Casio Sheen, Model: SHE-3034SG-7AUDR

Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

With a well-coordinated colour, gold and silver, the design is a novelty. With blue hands and digits on the dial, it looks the right amount of extravagant. Another plus we saw here was the versatility factor. This one would go well with your work wear, casual wear and evening games. Thank you very much!

5. Casio Sheen, Model: SHN-3011PG-9ADR

Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

This is for the grandest of the grand, the most magnificent of magnificent. The king of all blingy watches, Casio Sheen won us over in a single glance. It has everything – the glitter and the glamorous. With an intricate design on rose gold for straps, diamond-rimmed dial and a designer dial, it is not a watch- it is a sight to behold!

6. Cartier Tortue, Model: W1556366

Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

Looking for classic bling watches? Voila! Presenting to you

7. Cartier Tank MC, Model: W5330002

Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

Going back to the basics, this model is a timeless classic. With a deep leather strap, it has a dial rimmed with classic gold and the square dial just adds to the charm. The subtle pattern in the leather strap makes it a smart wear. For those who like to stick to traditions and prefer leather over metal when it comes to their watches, this Cartier watch is the ideal choice. The brand sure knows how to balance gold with glam.

8. Cartier Ballon Bieu De Cartier, Model: W6920075

Watches Fantasy: Best Picks Of The Season!

A geometrical feast to the eye, this amalgamation of rose gold and silver on a slight frame is a sight to behold. Adding charm and beauty to any outfit, this one is perfect when it comes to a well-suited tuxedo or vest.

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