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7 Fashion Elements That Show Off Personality

What you wear isn’t just a matter of what covers your body. It’s an expression of who you are as well as how you see the world. Fashion is your personal outlet for telling others what you’re all about.

All aspects of fashion work together to create a sense of style, but the elements below have the biggest impact.

Stylish Shades

Sunglasses are usually a key indicator of personal style for two reasons. People don’t buy a lot of pairs so they focus on the specific designs that they like most. Because sunglasses are worn so often, they also quickly become statement style pieces. Luckily this is one accessory that won’t break the bank. Online retailers make it easy to find women’s designer sunglasses for an affordable price.


Jewelry comes in many forms, but none speak to your personality like watches. These can be big bold statement pieces or delicate and understated. They are functional and stylish all at the same time. Having multiple watches in your collection is worthwhile so you can always have one on hand for any occasion and outfit.


People make strong connections with color. One glimpse of a hue instantly imparts certain ideas and emotions, which are then associated with the person who’s wearing the color. Designers may even use color to create an emotional connection so you’ll buy their products.

It could be your clothes, hair, makeup or nails, all the colors you wear are going to make an impression on other people. That’s why the head-to-toe red trend is called bold and daring. The color is also associated with importance, maybe because of red carpet events.

Moral of the story – pick your colors carefully. It’s one of the quickest ways people sum up how they feel about another person’s outward appearance.


Prints are another way to immediately impart personal style. There are countless prints to choose from that range from classic to one-of-a-kind. Because prints are so unique they are closely reflective of your taste.


They may be all the way down at your feet, but shoes are accessories that get a lot of attention. Women and men alike put a lot of thought into which shoes should be paired with an outfit.

Shoes are a very utilitarian piece of an outfit but they are also an opportunity to show off personal style. Every step you take people will get a better idea of your personality.

Smart Phone Accessories

There’s no escaping the fact our smartphones are part of our daily lives. It seems like we always have them in our hands, which means they have basically become an accessory. Many social media stars and celebrities fully understand that their smartphone is an extension of their look and phones even show up in a number of selfies.

The protective cases, wallet cases, PopSockets and other accessories that you add to your phone gives people an idea about your personality. A case can show that a person is practical, utilitarian, playful and the list goes on.

The Look

The overall look of an ensemble also speaks volumes. When all the pieces work together it creates a cohesive look that exudes style from a mile away. This kind of put-together look tells a story that makes sense and tells people what you’re about. If you wear a type of look repeatedly it will eventually become a signature style that you’re known for.

Take a look at your closet. What does it tell you? Does it send the message that you want to convey? Remember, to others you are what you wear. Since they don’t know you personally they’re summing your personality up by what you have on.

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