6 Things We Wish All Men Would Stop Wearing Now

Magazines, runway shows, and even reality television shows help dictate what fashion trends are in – and which are out – amongst the coolest of the cool.  And, while taking ques from your favorite celebrity can provide you with some great fashion insight, there are definitely some things men should stop wearing this instant.

If you looking to age with style, keep reading to find out which fashion trends you need to let go of now, no matter how trendy they seem amongst the elite 1%.

1. Designer Tees with Large Logos

Okay, when you were a teen, wearing a t-shirt with a large logo splashed across the front of the shirt was acceptable.  But you are a man now.

And no, despite what you may think, you are not a walking billboard (unless, of course, you are being paid…in that case, carry on).

6 Things We Wish All Men Would Stop Wearing Now

You should never buy anything that screams “I’m promotional!” no matter how high end it is.  In fact, most designer clothing will not go have large logos because it simply isn’t acceptable in the adult world.

Instead, aim for something small such as Ralph Lauren logo and let the quality of clothing speak for itself.

2. Square Toe Shoes

With all the variety that is available today, there is no need to stick with square-toed shows any more guys.  Sure, logic points men in the direction of wearing square toe shoes, but the truth is, square toe shoes were a thing in the 90s and should have stayed there.

Fashion experts will tell you time and again that the only truly acceptable shoe shape is the round toe one.  And, with most of them also agreeing that the shape of your shoe is the most important part of shoe selection, it’s important you stay away from ruining your outfit with a squared off shoe.

3. The Backwards Hat

By the time you hit 30, wearing your hat backwards should no longer be an option.  That is, unless you are out with the kiddos throwing the ball around.  Then maybe, just maybe, a backwards hat is acceptable.

6 Things We Wish All Men Would Stop Wearing Now

Older men that wear hats should do so in a dignified way.  Cover up that receding hairline.  Stay casual yet suave with a clean, good-fitting, baseball cap, such as the ones designed by Fear of God.

But please, for heaven’s sake, throw out that ratty hat from your high school days.  And, if you just can’t let go of the past, never wear it backwards!

4. Deep V-Necks and Side-Cut Tanks

Too much man cleavage is a major turn off.  So is a lot of man side boob.  Think about it.  What woman do you know that would willingly admit that a lot of chest hair peeping out of your t-shirt, or a sneak peek inside your tank top is going to turn her on?

6 Things We Wish All Men Would Stop Wearing Now

That’s what I thought.

Do yourself a favor and avoid either extremes.  Instead, opt for normal v-cut shirts and typical sports attire that doesn’t look like an at home DIY project.

5. Shiny Club Shirts

Nothing gives off the creepy vibe quite like your raging club shirt that comes in 50 shades of shiny.  And don’t even get me started on a patterned shiny shirt.

Skip the shine and go for classier looks so that when you try to buy that pretty girl at the bar a drink, chances she won’t run away hysterical will be much lower.

6. A Straw Hat

It’s not just that wearing a straw hat on vacation makes you look kind of cheesy.  It’s the fact that the only straw hat you own has your favorite beer brand laced across the top as though you are, yup, you guessed it, a walking billboard.

No one wants to party with an adult man like you think they do.  Your early twenties are gone…get over it.  Just get out there and enjoy your vacay like an actual adult.  That’s the responsible thing to do.

So there you have it.  Accept the fact that you are aging into a mature adult.  And, your clothing choices should follow.

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