Is Your Teen Responsible Enough?

Would you consider your teen to be responsible enough to handle some of the big tasks that are to come their way?

For many parents, making sure their teens can deal with a lot of responsibilities can be taxing.

From being responsible enough to be home alone to a first time driving, those are but two important steps.

So, will your teen be responsible enough to meet certain tests in life and of course make you proud along the way?

Be Driven to Have a Teen Who Cares

Even if one does the best parenting job possible, it doesn’t always add up to having a teen turn out responsible.

That said here are some areas where you want to put extra focus on making sure your teen gets it:

  1. Driving – At some point and time, your teen is likely going to come to you and ask if he or she can learn how to drive. Since you more than likely did the same when you were a teen, it will be real hard to say no to them. As such, make sure they take such a privilege with the seriousness it requires. From getting a learner’s permit to securing a driver’s license, your teen must focus on road safety. Once they do have their license, it is imperative they do everything within their power to be a safe driver. Remember, it only takes a bad decision or the wrong place at the wrong time to change their life and yours forever.
  2. Home – Are you at that point and time where you’re thinking of letting your teen stay home alone overnight? If so, make sure they know the rules you’ve put in place. Of most importance, your teen does not invite a ton of his or her friends over for the evening. While having one friend or even a small get-together is fine, you don’t want your house turning into party city USA. While some parents trust their teens to manage the night alone minus trouble, others are not so sure. Issues with alcohol now can lead to problems down the road in college. If that is the case, your teen could be setting him or her-self up for years of trouble.
  3. Grades – Were you a good student as a teen? If so, you likely expect the same of your teen now. Even if you were not a particularly good student, one would hope you want your son or daughter to do better. That said be sure your teen gets how important good grades are. Those good grades can be their ticket to a college degree one day and a good job. By putting the time and effort into studying, they can start charting their future now.

When Younger Siblings Are Involved

If you have more than one child at home, how your teen acts around them will be important too.

As an example, what if your teen wants to stay out and party with friends until right up to curfew? In some cases, they may even break curfew. Such actions can give the younger child or children at home the idea that this is fine.

You want your teen to be a role model for his or her younger sibling or siblings in the home. It tends to mean fewer problems for you down the road when that sibling or siblings reach the teen years.

So, how responsible is your teen proving to be?

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