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Different Hair Types and How To Care For Each One

There are three types of hair: straight, wavy and curly. Within these types, there are also different levels of thickness and growth as well as a broad spectrum of colors. The same applies to those who can’t seem to grow their hair, they want long locks. Luckily there are many ways to achieve the style, length, and color you desire to feel attractive.

Straight hair

Straight hair can be skinny, baby fine and thicker with a slight turn at the ends. Hair that is naturally straight doesn’t hold a curl and tends to look limp by the end of the day.  Dry shampoos re-applied during the day can give it a boost to prevent it from going flat. It’s also important to wash your hair only a few times a week when it gets oily and to avoid the use of heavy conditioners that weigh hair down. Thin, straight hair is hard to grow. If you want long locks, applying extensions such as Lumibloom hair extensions can give you the length you want quickly. If you want to have curls or a wavy look, check into having a semi-permanent or a permanent done at the beauty salon.

Wavy hair

Wavy hair has a little bit of everything most people want, it has straight parts and curly sections. It’s always very responsive to curling and straightening, allowing you to achieve many different looks. People who have wavy hair will tell you that they don’t have it so easy. They have to spend many hours in front of a mirror to achieve a straight or a curly hairstyle. Wavy hair that’s thick can also produce the bed head and frizz in the middle. The best way to avoid this is to air dry your hair and use your hands to mold and retain your natural waves without the puffy appearance. To keep it from getting brittle or dry and prevent breakage, hair oil is recommended. The nice thing about wavy hair is that you can straighten it or curls it, avoiding the need for a trip to the salon for a permanent or straightening.

Curly hair

A full head of curls is very attractive, but sadly, most people blessed with this type of hair want anything but.  People with this type of hair can’t blow dry it simply because it turns into a poofy, frizzy looking mess. Instead, it’s better to use your hands and scrunch it to retain the beautiful curls bunched versus spread out. If you want to straighten it, apply a protecting heat oil to your hair first. It’s also recommended to use a cleansing conditioner to reduce tangles and prevent frizz.

Ways to change your look

There are many ways to achieve a new look by simply changing the appearance of your hair. You can curl it, straighten it, put it up on a bun, grow bangs, add layers, add highlights or change the entire color of your hair.You can part it in the middle or on the side or wear clip-on extensions and show up to an event with long hair and return to work with your shorter cut the next day. If you have hair that grows slowly and you want a longer hairstyle, you can have extensions done at a salon and then touch them up once a month to keep them looking natural.

Creating a new look gives you a sense of confidence and sexiness. Thankfully, any time you want to change your look you can.

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