Why RapidSSL Is Excellent Option For Small Enterprise

You must have heard a lot about SSL certificates and types of SSL certificates like RapidSSL, Comodo, SSL and like. These SSL certificates are helping the webmasters to secure their website since years. Here, we will start our article on knowing about the RapidSSL certificate and its great advantages for small and big enterprises. Let’s get started:

What is SSL Certificate?

The SSL is dedicated protocol as per the internet standard for encrypting the information and other communications between the users and the secure servers. The data that sent through an SSL certificate is highly secured and protected by encryption. It works on a mechanism that averts eavesdropping and meddling with any kind of transmitted data. This SSL certificate provides businesses and small enterprises with the confidence to secure their all confidential information and data on a website. This information can be personal information, credit card numbers, and like.

How do the customers know that they have successfully installed SSL certificate on their website? It is by a green little padlock on the address bar of the browser/URL that begins with HTTPS rather than HTTP. These certificates can be easily installed on your web servers for enhanced web security and on the mail servers as well – akin pop3, IMAP, and SMTP, for sending secured emails. Under this umbrella, we have RapidSSL certificates too that also work on increasing security measures for businesses. Let’s check it out:

What is RapidSSL Certificate?

RapidSSL Certificates are very efficient in helping small businesses or enterprises in offering enhanced protection and data security. RapidSSL exclusively facilitates businesses to get low cost completely functional SSL certificates and are also ideal for websites that are into the E-commerce business and looking to promote their brand. Compare to other SSL Certificate Authority; the cheap RapidSSL Certificate reduces the barrier to entry for the small enterprises who want SSL security with immediate effect issued by CA – certificate authority at low cost. Cheap RapidSSL fulfills all the essential needs of the encryption that is needed to safeguard all the online transactions via your domain, all this at low cost.

One of the biggest benefits of RapidSSL certificate is that it can be issued just in few minutes and this possible via automated domain control validation process. They are the most economical and affordable for any type of domain or website. RapidSSL is operated and owned by the reliable leaders for low-cost SSL certificates in the industry.

As we are discussing RapidSSL certificate importance and its need for the small enterprises, it is also essential to talk a bit about RapidSSL Wildcard certificate. RapidSSL Wildcard is a succession root to SSL certificate that is used to secure multiple sub-domains on a single-domain name. RapidSSL Wildcard also grants the web pages to run a security conduct for E-commerce websites by offering encrypted SSL communication. It is quite ideal for low budget and cheap transaction value for the websites.

Take a glance to some of the reasons why RapidSSL Certificate is a brilliant option for small enterprises!

It offers most affordable SSL certificate products at lowest price compares to other Certificate Authority Products – CA. It is certainly a best solution for SSL certificate buyer with includes a 30-day money back guarantee plus great renewal offers. Another important reason why small enterprises most prefer RapidSSL certificates is their easy and quick installation. You can enroll in minutes and can get the security key just after that.

RapidSSL certificate offers the customers a strong base of trust and confidence with the https secure feature that it gives to your website. It gives you a green padlock and a static trust security mark that is displayed on your address bar in the URL. What’s more, a small enterprise or an E-commerce business can ask for.

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate that uses 256-bit key are great for the organization as it ensures that dozens of sub-domains can be hosted on a single or multiple servers and can be protected from malicious functions. But make sure that this involves strict user and server validation and verification. This helps the organization to use an array of typical server data transfers which may consist exchange of information via Microsoft versions, Outlook Web Access and e-commerce shopping carts and more. In fact, this validation offers great security to your enterprise.

See what customers have to say about RapidSSL certificate: RapidSSL gains a high rating by customers, and this is because of the price value, strong encryption, quick implementation, easy installation and like. Moreover, one thing that attracts customers to RapidSSL certificate is that it is a subsidiary of GeoTrust, which is one of the most popular international certificate authorities. To quote lastly, RapidSSL Wildcard certificate is backed by a $100,000 warranty and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means if the company does not like the scheme or had any issue with the certificate they can get money back with no hassle.

Before we wrap up this article, would you like to see some more reasons to have RapidSSL certificate for your enterprise?

  • It consist the best industry standard 256 bit encryption
  • Comes with unlimited reissue during certificate life-span
  • You get dynamic free RapidSSL site with the seal – “Secured by RapidSSL.”
  • It gives you unlimited sub-domains security with RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate.
  • Very fast, quick and easy to install – just in seconds you get your green padlock
  • No paperwork, no documentation and the validation is done in few easy steps.
  • It offers most affordable cheap SSL certificate products with attractive offers.
  • RapidSSL is accepted by over 99% of the browsers with no linked installation

Hope all the points as mentioned above justify that RapidSSL certificate is an excellent option for the small enterprises for all the said reasons stated so far. Get yours today!

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