Is Your CRM Delivering What You Want?

All CRM initiatives begin with dreams of a magical turnaround. But, the reality is not always sweet as it sounds. There is no doubt in the fact that CRM solutions can really enhance your business operations, marketing, sales, etc. and offer great return on investment. Besides, having a good CRM solution, you need to have a clear vision in terms of what you want to achieve.

Almost CRM solutions that I have come across deliver on what they promise. But, sometimes companies require a practical exposure to understand that they do not need a set of boastful features but simple enhancements that integrate well in the business functions. If you are in a situation where your CRM solution is making you think, then you have landed at the right place. Here, we will discuss the steps you can take to make your CRM do what you want.

Invest in Connectors

Your CRM might be the best suit for your business, but building a simple connector to add tailor-made functionalities can take you places that you cannot imagine. There are plenty of case studies to prove that investing in CRM connectors have made businesses prosper and harness the potential. These connectors can either be selected from the readymade ones available or created by your Microsoft Dynamics consulting partner.

Use Third-Party Platforms

Simple additions can help your sales team close leads as soon as possible. There are many platforms that integrate well with Microsoft CRM to produce exceptional results. An example is to use a platform that allows you to create maps from existing data which can be in excel spreadsheets so that sales rep in a particular area would know the closest lead and close it more efficiently. This can cover multiple locations across the world.

Employ Consulting Partners

It might seem like an extra effort or payment to get a Microsoft Dynamics consulting partner onboard. But, trust me it is worth every penny and effort. A consulting partner can suggest solutions that you might not even be aware of. It is not important to partner with a company, you can partner with an individual consultant as well who is well-versed with the field and also your industry. The remuneration for such consultants can range from hourly payments to weekly or monthly salaries.

Most of the popular CRM solutions are from big companies and a lot of independent and partner enterprises work toward integration and migration to such platforms. Engaging a third-party to either create connectors or employ their platforms can help you achieve desired results from your CRM solution. Besides, it can also help in employee efficiency and productivity. Share your CRM experiences with us and let us know if there is any other strategy you would prefer to boost your CRM.

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