Into Action: TOP Thematic Parks Of Switzerland

There are many parks of attractions all over the world. Nevertheless, it looks like random accumulation of different attractions or big garden full of flowers and trees. This is the classic park for many tourists: benches, attractions, playgrounds, fountains. Welcome to Switzerland. The most impressive treasures of this country are thematic parks. Their design is more than surprising.

Jungfrau Park

This is the most popular attraction of the country! It was opened in 2003 under the first glorious name Mystery Park to be focused on giving explanation to different mysterious effects. The park stopped its work in 2006 because of financial troubles. The park was repeatedly opened in 2010 to offer to visit dozens of thematic pavilions and open sections. Their specific is strange: for example, Orient pavilion speaks about the culture of Ancient Egypt, Nazca and Maya – American culture, thematic sections Highland, Sahara, Laguna and Jungle speak about the different nature zones of our planet.

Swiss Train Station

There are special sections for kids: Mysty Club, Mysty Land, Fun Zone make your kids learn and have fun all together. The park works from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. every day. The price for adults is 38 francs, for kids before 10 years – 20 francs. You can get to the park by railway transport to Interlaken and get free bus from there. You can also use car to get to the park easily.


The attraction park Happyland in Granges-pres-Sion is considered to be the biggest thematic park in the country. It occupies territory about 25 000 square meters to have more than 16 impressive attractions, 300 resting zones, dozens of cafes and restaurants and other elements. The park works every day from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. The ticket price for adults is 25 francs, for kids – 22 francs. You can get to the park by train. It takes you some time to get to the station and to the park. Of course, you have to go on foot from Grand Canal for 5-10 minutes to get to the park.

Of course, you can hire a car in Geneva and other big city to get to the park with kids. There is also a bicycle route that goes along the river, Pounta Fountana. The route is called the Berges du Rhone. It is very comfortable and safe. Follow the Happyland signs.

Dragon Khan

Swiss Vapeur Parc

Welcome to the park of very interesting design – Swiss Vapeur Parc. It is situated in the city Le Bouveret, on the banks of Geneva Lake. In short, this is a park of railway miniature. The territory of the park occupies more than 17 000 square meters. This picturesque area contains the big chain of railway roads and special infrastructure and buildings. The dozens of trains go here and there to make fun for visitors. You can try yourself in role of engine driver and drive a train. There is big number of cafes and restaurants that are comfortably situated close to the hotel complex. The hotel complex consists of 5 hotels.

The park works every day on weekday from noon till 6 p.m. and on holidays from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. The entrance ticket for adults is 15 francs, for kids – 13 francs. You can get to the park by public transport or car. You can also use railway transport that go along Geneva Lake. It takes you about 30 minutes to get to the park.

Pegasus Small World

Thematic park Pegasus Small World lies on the banks of Turlersee Lake, 15 kilometers to the South from Zurich. Actually, this is a nice museum of toys with the beautiful park around. There are many pathways, observing platforms and attractions in the park territory. What about the toys collection? You can find a big collection of different toys from different countries. You can also find interesting railway miniature pictures here. It is strange, but Swiss people are really fond of trains.

The park works from Wednesday till Saturday from 11.00 a.m. till 6p.m. It takes you about 10 minutes to get to the park from Zurich to Aeugstertal, where the museum is situated. There are many buses, going from the park to the nearest city. You may use free buses or other public transport.

Lego utstälning flygvapen museum

Dinosaurs Museum

The Dinosaurs Museum is located in a small city Aathal on the South bank of the lake. This is a huge many leveled complex with the big collection of dinosaurs bones and skeletons, composite pictures and impressive installations on the same thematic. There is a big attraction park around the museum that is also devoted to dinosaurs’ life. In short, welcome to the Jurassic park – important period in the Earth history.

The ticket price for adults is 18 francs, for kids 5-16 years – 11 francs. There is also an opportunity to buy family ticket (two parents and their kids) for 50 francs. You can get to the park from Zurich by car or railway road. It takes you about 30 minutes.


Look! There is a big aqua park Alpamare that is spread out on the banks of the lake. Of course, the park is situated close to the river. Nevertheless, the lake plays no role in the park thematic.There are many shady terraces in the park, including 4 platforms for kids: Wave Bath, Alpa-Therme, Rio Mare and Iodine Brine Bath. You can visit a swimming-pool. Attractions, 10 tunnels, solarium and fitness center, bars and restaurants. It is interesting but there is the longest river in Europe – Balla-Balla (261 meters). It is really impressive.

The entrance ticket price for 4 hours is 40 francs on weekday and 42 francs for adults. The ticket for kids costs about 32-35 francs. The system of sales and proposals is always opened for discussions. The park works from 10 .m. till the late evening. You can get there by train to Alpamare from Zurich or using your car that is more comfortable for family tourists. Anyway, the park is worth visiting.

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