Which 5 Amazing New Technologies Are Being Introduced In 2018?

There are various technologies that are being unfolded every single day. These are emerging because of the constant drive for modern warfare. These technologies are transforming the way business transactions are held and how interactions take place. The development of these technologies is increasing the efficiency of the products which further increases the overall output. These technologies are heading forward seeking growth in the way things happen. It is essential to keep ourselves updated on the latest technological update whether you are a tech geek or not. About fathoming around for quite some time I have come around to five new amazing technologies that are set to be introduced or upgrade in the year 2018. The five technologies are detailed below:

Transactions Through Face

Which 5 Amazing New Technologies Are Being Introduced In 2018?

The recently developed payment method has transformed the way the payments are made, You no longer need to carry with your cash or card instead grab your car keys to drive to KFC takeaway and make payment through your face. Yes, you read it right the future payments are to be made with your face. This method of payment provides us both surveillance and convenience as we no longer need to worry about our cash or cards been lost or stolen. This amazing technology is set to transform the way the way interactions take place with store, station, and banks.

Self-Driving Automobiles

Which 5 Amazing New Technologies Are Being Introduced In 2018?

The automation in the vehicle is another technology that is being introduced in 2018. Although the self-driving cars have been a talk in the previous year, the present year is set to bring change in the form that it has introduced the automated taxi and trucks. This is because it offers less chance of traffic accidents, more efficient shuttle, and more free time. It is said that this automation is set to bring change in the auto-piloted as well that is expected to be revealed very soon.

Computational Photography

Which 5 Amazing New Technologies Are Being Introduced In 2018?

As the world is all about pictures and selfies today, how can technology not evolve in it? The computation photography is another amazing invention which comprises of amazing software in the smartphones that produce photos combing such algorithms that are not possible with film or digital photography. It is set to integrate the action cam and 360 camera features in the Smartphone to produce a superior quality image. Inducement of Al features in the camera is also targeted to make the images captured by smartphones as good as via optical means


Which 5 Amazing New Technologies Are Being Introduced In 2018?

The year 2018 is said to be the year of bots. Its usage is to be expanded from its use as a programmed customer service agents to the use of daily living. These bots are to be used as reminders and helpful suggestions regarding payments. It is expected that 2018 will extend the use of chatbots than apps to provide better service to the customers

Augmented Reality

Which 5 Amazing New Technologies Are Being Introduced In 2018?

The use of augmented reality is set to increase in the real world. Its feature of introducing the direct r indirect view of the real world environment assists us in clearing up big hurdles by offering various possibilities. It has the tendency to blur the lines between actual and computer-generated environment. It is also being added to the smartphones now by infusing the sensors that enhance phones capabilities. The VR headsets and glasses are some of the devices and similar applications, particularly on the iPhone. More advancement in AR is expected in the year 2018.

These 5 are the amazing technologies that are being introduced in the year 2018. With the changes occurring, the technology is set to alter the way human adapt these changes, the issues of cybersecurity, and government regulations and policies. In the nearby future, it is expected that these endless technological innovations will change the way things look and operate.


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