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How has Technology Transformed Marketing?

Technological advancement has brought drastic changes in the world. It has made our life more complex and demanding. The advancement has provided us with the power to be more efficient with less time i.e. to achieve more with the wonders of the modern technology. One sector that has changed forever is the marketing sector. The traditional marketing ways of marketing such as print advertising and media have changed to electronic media. Some ways in which technology has contributed towards marketing are detailed below:

Birth of the Websites

How has Technology Transformed Marketing?

The connectivity provided with the technology has given birth to the websites. They cater to provide a company with strong online presence with an innovative and creative website. In the present working era where everyone is busy working, they don’t have time to visit stores and scroll through them. To provide ease marketers has come up with the approach of the website that allows the user to shop online, by making this website eye-catching and pleasant. These easy marketing provided by these websites have given rise to many new ventures such as online retailing, online essay writing services and more. Most of the time, these websites are the first interaction the customer has with your brand, therefore, make it more user-friendly, compelling and captivating that encourages customers to make a purchase. These websites have impacted the marketing strategies significantly all over the globe.

Segmentations of Audience

How has Technology Transformed Marketing?

The technology has divided the market into various segments. The technology allows marketers to collect data and formulate a strategy that targets their specific customers. This data is collected through their like and dislike, their following interest, and the apps they engage with. This allows businesses to design a strategy that shows their business message in the best possible manner in the best possible way such that an individual couldn’t resist.


How has Technology Transformed Marketing?

In this technological world, customer demands to be nurtured upon the company they interact with. This provides an amazing opportunity to business to market themselves in a way that builds upon the credibility, and authenticity of the company among the individuals. The more open you are about your business processes, the more loyal customers you get expanding your overall market share. It also includes opening about how the employees are treated and how the company is engaging in corporate social responsibility. Using this technology, businesses ensure that the customers are informed about the relevant information whether it is good or bad.

Use of Social Media

How has Technology Transformed Marketing?

The technology has provided us social media, the most dynamic platform that has an outsized digital market. The social media platform provides an amazing opportunity to not only raise awareness but also boost the business sales. Also producing content relevant to each platform is what makes a marketing strategy strong. For instance, videos for YouTube, images for Instagram, memes for Facebook and more allows businesses to increase their business sales and engage the customers belonging to various demographics. With the right kind of marketing, you not only get to engage customers but also the best talent in the market. To stay on the top, marketers need to come up with strategies to match the trends floating on the internet.

The technology has impacted the conventional marketing in a positive way. The modern marketing techniques help businesses to improve their efficiency with less cost incurred. By having a great database, we can set ads on platforms where our targeted audience is active. This technology has made brands innovative which enable them to compete in this competitive market.


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