Where AI Meets Social Media: 5 Strategies To Use In 2018

Investments in AI technologies by social media powerhouses have hogged the limelight for the past two years or so. As we move closer to 2018, it’s time for social media marketers to embrace AI-powered social media.

From advanced customer insights extracted from hundreds of GBs of data to smart AI-powered chatbots that can manage complex conversions with subscribers and potential customers – there’s just too much going on to ignore.

Here are five strategies to get started with.

Understanding Customers

Ask any marketer, and she’ll likely agree. If you know what’s in your customer’s mind when he’s on your website, you’ll be in the best possible position to proactively steer his behavior.

Marketers are always trying to mobilize resources in a manner so as to be in sync with the customer’s needs, desires and expectations. This is where AI makes things easier by personalizing user experience. Based on a customer’s attributes, previous communications, and website usage patterns, AI-powered marketing can deliver customized email messages, content pages, and product suggestions.

AI technologies can literally use thousands of variables and match them with individual customers. Narrow, for instance, uses keywords, hashtags, and locations to identify potential high-value audience members.

This Twitter marketing automation and analytics platform can identify Twitter users interested in content that closely matches your niche, and can initiate interactions with them.

Focused Content Marketing

Social media marketers have to deal with a world of content, every day. Choosing among posts that need to be highlighted, and mapping content to target user groups – these are important decisions.

However, there are hardly any objective rules at the moment to help marketers decide. AI-based bots, particularly for specific platforms like Slack, have a huge role to play here.

These bots can avoid all the guesswork and predict the chances of success of each content post. They also bring in variables such as timing of posts, target audience, content formats, style and tone, word count, etc. and help marketers get their social media content take off.

More Meaningful Social Analytics

The number of likes, shares, tweets your social media posts get, their conversion rates, and your social media campaign ROIs – all these metrics are important for marketers.

AI has the potential to deliver all these, and more advanced metrics in smart reports that can be used to fine tune social media marketing strategies and drive greater success.

Quill Engage is a perfect example. It integrates with Google Analytics and brings in the power of its natural language generation (NLG) algorithm to transform website performance and KPI data into easy to read reports.

Smarter Suggestions and Recommendations

For social media marketing success, it’s imperative that users engage with your brand’s social accounts.

To make this happen, marketers will be able to use AI-powered recommendations and suggestions engines that bring in the power of predictive analytics, and make highly engaging, enriched, and value adding predictions about the content, media, products, and advertisements.

Netflix uses this technology to suggest movies and TV series to its audiences, and the kind of engagement it delivers is exemplary. This is, without a doubt, the way forward for social brands.

Conversational AI with Social Chatbots

A significant part of the complete AI-based social media marketing experience will be delivered via chatbots.

2017 has seen significant adoption of chatbot technologies, and 2018 is when this type of tech is expected to start delivering results. Platforms like ChattyPeople simplify the chatbot building process for brands looking to deploy them on Facebook Messenger.

Right from acquisition of subscribers to pushing subscribers through the sales funnel, from soliciting feedback to solving customer queries – chatbots can do it all, and then some more.

All Aboard

The AI-powered social media train is about to hit top speed. Hop onboard, or risk being run over!

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