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Ways To Draw Natural Wildlife Into Your Backyard Oasis

Do you have a favorite garden spot in your backyard? If so, are you lacking some beautiful birds, butterflies, and other natural pets in your space? Many times, creating a space means incorporating things that will attract certain species of animals to the area. In some cases, planting trees and flowers just isn’t enough. You need to focus on specific types. Here are just a few examples and ways you might be able to attract more natural wildlife and animals into your backyard space.

Plant Re-Blooming Perennials and Flowering Trees

One of the best ways to create a gorgeous backyard area that stands out is to landscape it with plants that come back year after year. If these plants also attract friendly wildlife, it’s a win-win. Some popular plant varieties that attract birds and welcoming insects, include:

  • *Foxglove
  • *Ice Plant
  • *Firethorn
  • *Purple Loosestrife
  • *Thyme and Lavender
  • *Sunflowers

Flowering shrubs like Butterfly Bush and a spring blooming Lilac are other items that attract hummingbirds, bees, and other colorful bird species. Consider adding wildflowers from as well as herbs and an herb garden to these areas too. They attract dragonflies, butterflies, and small birds, while also serving as a way to spice up things in your home and kitchen. Keep in mind that many perennials and shrubs can take 2 to 5 years to reach full maturity. In the meantime, consider adding flowering annuals to fill in the spaces where there aren’t any blooms happening yet.

Create a Natural Pond or Pool

Creating a natural pool of water in your backyard can have many benefits. In addition to being a sense of serenity and comfort, it can offer a place for you to enjoy a variety of fish and bog style plants. Some larger pools or ponds actually have two sections. One for you to swim in and another that hosts algae-eating plants and fish to keep the entire pool or pond clean. You can enjoy a whole new set of plants, including:

  • *Waterlilies
  • *Water hyacinth
  • *Lotus
  • *Ferns
  • *Parrot feathers
  • *Ludwegia

From there, you can attract specific types of birds and keep fish thriving in your backyard space. Goldfish, koi, pond snails and bullfrog tadpoles offer another great way to bring some life to the area. Adding a large sprinkler, waterfall and pump system can give you the sound you crave to create a relaxing and entertaining space. Don’t forget to set up a birdbath or bird table nearby for your feathered friends to perch on. Keep bird baths going year round with a small pump system to keep the water fresh and non-stagnant.

Erect Birdhouses And Feeders

Many birdhouses are more than just decorative accents to the garden. They can actually house bird families and increase the population of specific bird species in your backyard. Feeders offer another way to feed and maintain a specific group of birds that will revisit time and time again to your oasis. Keep stocked up on their favorite foods and do some research as to what type of birds like what specific type of food. Buy food in bulk if necessary and stock up for the long, winter months. Store all the food in a cool, dry place. You can also use homemade bird food recipes such as suet packs and peanut butter ornaments that offer a cheaper alternative to feeding the hungry birds that live in your neck of the woods.

Create a Hedge and Mini-Wilderness Area

If you prefer to have more than just birds visiting your backyard, you’ll have to consider if the animals will bother or scare off them off. Squirrels are a welcoming animal to the backyard, but they can devour birdseed and destroy birdhouses. If you can strategically place birdhouses and bird seed in areas where squirrels can’t access, you can have the best of both worlds. One way to distract them is a natural hedge, tree line or a wilderness area. A driftwood garden accent, hollowed out trunk, woodpile, and an area of tall grass will attract small animals, including bunnies and squirrels—to allow for more animal interaction in your backyard space.

Attracting animals starts with adding plants and accents that outdoor animals will be interested in. With a little careful planning, you can easily create an affordable area for critters to frequent or call home.

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