UAE Golf Tour: TOP 3 Popular Golf Clubs and Club Restaurants

Dubai is not only interesting and glorious city, but right place for going sport. Do you like golf? Dubai boasts with the best golf fields in the world. So, you can not only play golf there but watch the golf championships MENA Golf Tour and Dubai Desert Classic. If the weather is good, take you chance to make your own sport tour, including interesting restaurants and relax procedures on the go. You know, it is a good practice in Dubai to play golf at night. For example, Emirates Club offers the only one 18-slots field where you can play at night. So, hire the car in UAE and go to visit TOP popular golf clubs.

Dubai is golf paradise, definitely. The professional golf fields boasts with the picturesque hills and greens. There is a big choice of clubs, restaurants and night attractions to meet all your requirements. Where to start? It is better to make a break and eat something.

Cafe Bistro 25 55

The name of this restaurant that is situated in Dubai Marina Yacht Club is the city sea position. The restaurant is perfect for open-air breakfast with the admirable view to beautiful yachts. You should order Marina Breakfast – complex English breakfast that is served on a heavy pan. You may also order such classic dishes as smoked salmon and creamy donuts for breakfast. The breakfast is available at 7a.m. for early risers. What is next? You may go to the sea voyage or jump in your car and visit the Golf Club you like.

Caffé Concerto, Fitzrovia, London

Els Golf Club

This field was created by the legendary golf player. The glorious Dubai Golf Club The Els was also named after the legendary Ernie Els to be situated on the territory of Dubai Sports City. This club is famous of its short grass. The club welcomes newcomers and experienced gamers. Just experienced and professional trainers are at your disposal. This is a good chance to improve your golf skills. You will be inspired of beautiful nature and professional equipment.

Emirates Golf Club

The Emirates Golf Club is a place where the world popular championship Omega Dubai Desert Classic usually takes place. The club has three golf platforms: The Majlis, The Faldo and Par. Majlis is popular because it was the first grassy platform in the countries of the Middle East. This is the perfect place with the lakes and many slots. The main attraction of this place is Majlis building that is situated between the eighth and ninth golf slots. The building was constructed in 1988 to be the great architectural monument of Dubai.

Faldo is the next golf field that was reconstructed in 2007. The field is completed with the numerous water basins, hoppers and stands to help newcomers to play golf. The fields are also supported with the Golf School, training field and specialized shop. Of course, golf is not the only one club specialization. You can meet lots of people who are not in golf. The club attracts them with the sport complex, where you can swim in the pool, train hard in the fitness center or play tennis. You can also have a tasty dinner in the restaurant Le Classique of French cuisine or M’s Restaurant and Spike Bar.

The Webb Ellis Cup completes visit to Dubai as part of Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour

JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort

The field of JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort was projected with the local architect to be the only one place or club in Dubai where you can feel relaxed and private. Look around! There are many trees, bushes, singing birds. It looks like you are walking along the garden that is hidden from prying eyes. The track with 9 slots is not easy to play. That is why this golf platform is popular for locals and travellers from all over the world. The golf scheme needs good skills and considerable approach. The ball goes quickly over the green field. The destination from slot to slot is no big that is unacceptable when the wind is strong.

This resort has legendary status. A lot of prominent sportsmen come to stay here. This is also a place for golf competitions. Different teams from different countries come face to face here. The field size is not big but glorious. You may say that it is not difficult but you are wrong. Everything depends on who plays.

Club House at the Yas Links Golf Course in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Amara Spa

Hard game needs relaxation. There is special place to relax you. This is a big oasis of Spa – Amara Spa. You come in to leave all your troubles behind the door. The center is situated in the Park Hyatt to be the platform of relaxation in a big city. The center offers a number of interesting SPA procedures and other measures to relax you. You are offered to try SPA therapy, based on ancient philosophies. They have interesting names: Ruby, Brilliant, Sapphire, Emerald. Looking for serenity you can enjoy the Sapphire therapy. It includes procedures for face and body and massage.

If you want to restore your body, pay attention to anti age procedures from the Ruby pack. It really helps to feel new and young. Want to feel clean and detoxed? You definitely need Emerald cleaning. Brilliant treatment makes you feel brave and full of energy. You can finish your day with the cup of aromatic tea and Arabian sweets.

Turkish Delight, French Nougat, Coconut Ice - Jones the Grocer, Chadstone

BBQ Boardwalk

The restaurant Boardwalk is on the TOP of its popularity. People like coming here for dinner. The Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club got the great idea of interesting dinner in the water boat. This is a round boat for 8 guests that is called BBQ Boardwalk. The boat is equipped with grill to cook and eat right there. The boat is full of meat, seafood and different vegetables, sauces. You can try yourself in cooking dinner on the water. If you do not like cooking, you may use captain’s help. He is a good captain and goof cooker, indeed. Your donut-boat is available in the evening for romantic dinner and during the day for healthy lunch.

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