Top 5 Travel Destinations To Passionately Reconnect With Your Lover

Are you looking to rekindle the flames of your love with a destination getaway? From the South Island of New Zealand to Santorini in Greece, below are the top 5 travel destinations to passionately reconnect with a lover.

New Zealand’s South Island

Top 5 Travel Destinations To Passionately Reconnect With Your Lover

New Zealand’s South Island is known to have the most scenic natural landscapes for romantic adventures. From the glacial valleys, exotic wineries, wildlife, star-filled skies to the lofty mountains, nature actually flourishes here. A visit to South Island offers lovers an opportunity to not only reconnect with nature but also with one another. While this rustic destination do not look like the normal romantic getaway, it is the best place where you can sit down, talk and share intimate feelings with your significant other.

You can lay on the rocky beaches to chat, swim along the glacial-fed lakes, rent a campervan and drive around or hike through the extensive terrains. In the evenings, you can pull over and camp outside underneath the starry night and exclusively concentrate on each other. The romantic retreat in South Island isn’t about the luxurious five-star resorts, it all lies in the raw beauty of nature. All these enchanting places offer a place that resonates with lovers seeking to reconnect with each other.

In winter you can light a nice log fire and whilst you lay in front of it getting warm watch as the snow falls outside.  Enjoy a bottle of red wine and enjoy some sensual moments with your significant other.

KohLipe, Thailand

Top 5 Travel Destinations To Passionately Reconnect With Your Lover

KohLipe, Thailand commonly referred to as the Maldives of Thailand, KohLipe is a small magical island situated in Andaman Sea. This relatively unknown island that is found deep south of Thailand is covered with less crowded sandy beaches, lush vegetation, crystal clear turquoise waters that’s perfect for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

A unique thing that makes KohLipe a perfect destination for someone who wants to reconnect with a lover is that this southern-most, Thai Island is totally secluded. Unlike other popular Thai Islands, KohLipe isn’t easily accessible to most people since the island doesn’t have an airport and it can only be accessed via a speedboat. It is, therefore, less crowded and you can spend time with your significant other swimming, boat riding, laying on the sandy beaches or trying the different mouthwatering Thai Cuisine. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place with a stunning scenic environment that you can explore with your partner.

Cape Town, South Africa

Top 5 Travel Destinations To Passionately Reconnect With Your Lover

Cape Town, South Africa from the moment you step out of the airport, you are bound to fall in love with Cape Town. This beautiful South African city has a beautiful landscape, intriguing culture, delicious food and a lot of bucket- list activities which couples can engage in. From the Jacuzzi tubs, national parks, historic museum to the sandy beaches, this place contains everything for an ideal romantic destination.

Cape Town is a dream city for couples. With a variety of activities to choose from, both of you won’t miss something enjoyable to do as you seek to reignite your romance. You can have full body massages, go sightseeing, bird watching, swimming, enjoy a romantic mountain-top sunrise or sunset or go down to the beach and relish on the beautiful scenery in the surroundings. Furthermore, you can engage your taste buds and try out different dishes sold in the restaurants found along the streets. You could also spend the whole day shopping or simply take a trip to the Stellenbosch area for some wine tasting. With over 200 wineries located here, re-ignite the flames of your love with your partner as you drink wine while enjoying the amazing views of the Stellenbosch Hills.

Lake Como, Italy

Top 5 Travel Destinations To Passionately Reconnect With Your Lover

Lake Como, Italy is set against the dramatic Alps and surrounded on both sides by steep hills, Lake Como is an upscale romantic getaway for lovers. The lake has breathtaking views of the shoreline which is dotted with exquisite historic villas, ancient villages, scenic gardens and luxurious resort hotels. In almost every corner, you cannot miss an opulent wine and the tasty Italian food.

For a perfect romantic time in Lake Como, you can start your day by renting a private boat and explore the different sightings found around the lake, have a picnic brunch while enjoying the cool breeze from the lake and views of the Alps and take an afternoon walk along Bellagio Promenade towards the Villa Melzi gardens. Visiting Lake Como in the morning means that you will have the lake all to yourselves and the calming atmosphere as well as the views offer a perfect adventure for couples who want to relax in an exotic destination and have some time by themselves. You can also take some time to window shop, wander around the Bellagio alleys and if both of you are willing, you can go for a two-hour drive and visit the Lago di Montespluga. Lago di Montespluga is a lake that is located high on the Alps and it boasts of a charming sleepy village as well as magnificent surrounding views. Get your camera and take poster card-like snaps during the drive!

Santorini, Greece

Top 5 Travel Destinations To Passionately Reconnect With Your Lover

Santorini, Greeceis for when you are looking for a place that automatically sets the mood for romance. Watching the sun-set across the beautiful Aegean Sea from your own private terrace, Santorini is purely a romantic island that is perfect for lovers. First, your significant other and you should make a stop at Oia, a complete fairytale town. Take some time and explore boutique hotels which are sprinkled along the scenic hillside all which offer the perfect romantic escape for lovers. You can stay in a suite that offers the best views of the Caldera or a hotel with a balcony that overlooks the sea. Explore the islands that surround Santorini such as Ios, Milos, and Mykonos in the company of your partner as you seek to find what interests each one of you.

If you are craving some form of adventure, there is the Milos Island which is surrounded by picturesque coves and rugged coastline.Milos’s luxury lies not in the accommodation but in the beautiful raw scenery which intrigues emotions. Take a trip to Mykonos and taste different cuisines, explore the beaches and spend hours talking to each other as you walk around the streets found in the main Mykonos town area.

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