5 Reasons for Using Mobile Apps for New-Age Education

Mobile is indeed one of the most ubiquitous and enlightening ways of changing the way we live – all by making our lives faster, better and time-saving. While mobile is linked to almost all parts of our existence, it truly serves as no exception to the education industry. Enhancing and overall uplifting our entire education system through technology is the rule of the hour. Mobile apps, in particular, have improved the way we collaborate, engage and converse with our students, staff, faculty and, administrators. Here are 6 reasons why mobile apps are revolutionising the way we undertake new-age education.

  1. Mobile app means real-time tracking of everything latest: Right from updating real-time information to giving the latest of timetables, events, library, grades, hostel and transport; mobile applications are really the new IT way of learning.
  2. App lets you delve more into engagement and create student groups: This means that more students from varied demographics can come together for a better response rate and campus-wide collaboration. This means that there is a better engagement rate for an interactive education through discussion forum, social networking, chats, messages and notifications.
  3. It lets you track progress easily with reports and analytics dashboard: Students can get more information related to fee payments, latest know-how of payments and attendance. Mobile apps also mean that you can track your progress and final result reports, along with reviews and submitting grades with comments and shares.
  4. Problem-solving skills and offline data storage is the biggest USP of mobile apps: This means that right from elevating the critical thinking skills to making sure you get the relevant images, charts and text info, mobile apps are really helpful in making quick decision. Mobile app also lets students and faculty members to retrieve files on an offline mode so that everything can be access of mobile phone and computers, without any wi-fi connection that too.
  5. Increased impact on student performance: Students who use the mobile phones in school and colleges for their educational purposes, seem to get better grades in school when compared to the students who do not use the phone for studies. In fact, it is also seen that whether a student studies in a top-performing institute abroad like Harvard University 哈佛大学 or in a community college, it has been proven time and again that judicious use of mobile phones always helps in perking up the results and boosting student performance.

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