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The Brighter Side of Moving House

It’s a cliché to say that moving house is stressful – but clichés don’t last unless they have a basis in fact. The extra admin that moving entails, along with the risk of things going wrong for reasons outside your control and leaving you without a home all add up to some lost sleep. And that’s before you start worrying about packing!

Today we’re looking at the brighter side of moving house. When you’ve found your new house, your journey’s not over, because what you’re presented with is a blank canvas, one that you can work on to turn this new house into a home. From painting and decorating, to carefully chosen furnishings and furniture, every step you take makes more of a difference, until you can wake up one day in a home that you’ve fully stamped your personality on, that could belong to no one else!

Making Plans

It’s important to make a plan before you start – if you plunge into a complete redecoration of your new home without planning out how long it’s expected to take and how much it will cost you could find yourself out of money and exhausted, with only one room complete.

Instead plan what you need carefully, and make sure you have adequate time to complete every stage. It makes sense to do a preliminary pass of essentials in the most important rooms, instead of working on each room in order: there’s no sense having a perfect living room while sleep on a mattress in a bedroom festooned with peeling wallpaper. Prioritise carefully so the most important tasks are taken care of first, and the more aesthetic considerations come second.

Finding Furnishings

One of the trickiest parts of completing a restyle of your home is finding the right furnishings: once you’ve prepared a room with the right paint or wallpaper, chosen a carpet, tiles or floorboard, you need the right final touches to set it all off.

It’s important to pay attention to the names of designers and brands – if you find a particular piece that you like, it’s likely the same designer will have others that appeal to your sensibilities! If you like Czech & Speake’s shaving accessories you may find they have enough to fully outfit the rest of your bathroom into the bargain!

If you can see your new house as the perfect opportunity to sculpt your ideal home, you’ll find the stress of the move is worth it!

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