The Best Language Learning Apps that you Should install in your Smartphone

There is always a thrill associated with learning a new language. With the advancements in technology, you can now learn a language online from the countless numbers of online tutors who are waiting to help you out. Currently, you will be rather surprised to note that there are plenty of free language learning apps which can guide you through the process of learning a new language and sharpening your skills.

Whether you’re all set to learn Danish or French or Spanish for your next vacation or for pursuing your dream of becoming an interpreter, the free language learning apps can help you in the best way to accomplish your goal. Most of them have websites of their own and they also offer you the apps. Here are few to take into account.

#1: Duolingo

With Duolingo, it is rather easy to start off with learning a new language. You just have to open the app, select the language which you would wish to learn and start off with the course. The best part is that you don’t require creating an account to start. Duolingo is an app which starts by using pictures, text and audio to let you learn the new language. You have to associate yourself with the sound of the translation along with the pictures and text and then let yourself translate the audio into your native language.

#2: Busuu

Busuu will provide you with an app which is not only user-friendly but is also flexible with the way it works with choosing different courses. You just have to select a supported language which you wish to learn, login and then decide where you would prefer to start. The best part of this app called Busuu is that the phrases and words that you learn are extremely easy for the beginners to grasp and hence the foreign speakers will very soon get to know the context soon. The app teaches you a good vocabulary of words.

#3: Memrise

This is yet another language learning app which isn’t as user-friendly and easy as Duolingo but it certainly supports different offline courses and helps you in learning a large number of languages. You can begin simple and then move on to the advanced courses. The way in which this app teaches you new phrases and words is what makes it unique. The new words are used up in sentences with words which are similar sounding with regards to your native language. This lets you design the connection which is needed for remembering them. You can learn a number of new words at once with the help of this app and in case you’re eager to learn Danish or Spanish or German, this is your solution!

So, now that the Android and iOS developers are working hard to bring everything under their coverage area, getting an app for learning a new language has never been easier. Install any of the ones listed above and learn a new language of your choice.

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