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Lighting Hacks to illuminate a Dark Room – Have a Well-lit Home

Are you someone who is living in a sad and dark room where there are very few lights? Do you always have the fear about days getting shorter and darker? Do you know well that no matter what, you’ll have to return to a gloomy and dark abode? If the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’, we have good news for you. You don’t have to live this way as there are ways in which you can improve the way you live.

It is not a Herculean task to turn a weird dark space into a cheerful oasis even when the room doesn’t receive too much of sunlight. While you can install decorative light bulb at various places to illuminate your room, here are few other ways of lighting up your space.

  • Reflect yourself

The foremost thing that you have to do is to seek advantage of every single scintilla of light which you get to turn your dreary and dark room into a sunny space. Remember that reflective surfaces will be your ally when you go to illuminate a dark space. Hang wall mirrors wherever it is possible, behind your dining space, near the fireplace or beside the buffet as they not only help you in checking your reflection but they play the role of a catalyst in amplifying light.

  • Increase the lumens

One of the most common yet forgotten causes of gloomy rooms is too little artificial light. This is an issue which can be fixed off easily and you don’t require getting extra lamps for that. All you need to do is to swap the lightbulbs with those that have higher lumens as this will boost the intensity of light in your room. Do you think this makes your room too bright, particularly during night? Try and install dimmers which can adjust the light as per the mood of the room.

  • Fake LED windows can be installed

If there is a room which doesn’t have windows, how about just faking it? It isn’t terribly tough to build a fake LED window and the struggling wannabes can even make them. You would require LED grow lights, corn starch, and muslin cloth and carpentry skills. Once you can craft it in a good way, you will get a window-like box which will feel like summer is around. Also install high definition photos to make you feel like a Tuscan vacation.

  • Don’t paint it all white

The biggest misconception about painting dark and small rooms is to always use the color white. If you do so and then make a mistake with the lighting, these rooms will look extremely flat. You can instead use more neutral or saturated tones for the darker rooms as they make the best alternatives to white. Just try to keep the color light to avoid a disastrous impact.

Therefore, when you’re looking forward to brighten up your dark room, bring about the above listed changes to your room so as to bring in more light and life to your room.

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